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Turbocharger additives protect parts of the engine and turbocharger from premature wear, ensure their stable and efficient operation, allowing these units to preserve their working characteristics even under high loads.

What are the types of turbocharger additives

By the intended purpose:

  • for petrol engines;
  • for diesel power units;
  • universal.

Depending on the functions they perform:

  • Protective. They prevent the formation of corrosion and soot deposits on the surface of parts under extreme temperatures. Such products have excellent anti-friction properties, reduce the wear of engine and turbocharger parts.
  • Detergent. These dissolve soot, resins, varnish and sludge well. Such additives help to restore the power and extend the lifespan of the turbocharger, increase the efficiency of engine operation, optimize the formation of the air-fuel mixture.
  • Restoring. They eliminate slight irregularities on the surface of parts. In case of minor damage, they can restore factory clearances in plain bearings.
  • Seal swell. Such products restore the elasticity of sealing elements and cause them to swell. They prevent oil from leaking through gaskets and seals.

Features of using turbocharger additives

  1. Before you use the product, be sure to check the supplied instruction for the sequence of actions. Some products should be added to the used oil before it is changed, others are poured into the fresh one.
  2. Make sure that the agent you’re going to use is compatible with the oil in the lubrication system.
  3. The amount of chemical to be added to the lubricant is defined by the manufacturer and is not to be changed. The excessive concentration of additives can result in the destruction of the turbocharger and engine, an insufficient amount won’t produce the expected results.
  4. Some products are used only once, others have to be used on a regular basis. Both kinds of products can be found in our catalogue.

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