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Undercoating is a special chemical agent which is used to prevent car metal parts from destruction by moisture. Its use allows not only to avoid oxidation but also to stop expansion of existing corrosion spots. After being applied, such compounds create a film which prevents contact of the metal surface and moisture.

What are the types of undercoating

Depending on the purpose, there are:

  • Rust preventive products. They are suitable for treating new cars. After drying they perform the function of the barrier. Their composition includes corrosion inhibitors.
  • Rust converters. They are used for treating the existing rust spots. They prevent the further expansion of corrosion by reacting with its products and changing their structure. Such agents are greatly suitable for the cars with high mileage. To enhance their efficiency, it is better to use them together with preventive ones.

By their consistency:

  • Liquid. For their even applying you will need a special spray gun with the help of which you can treat even hard-to-reach places.
  • Pastelike. They are less convenient in use because applying is performed with a brush and takes much time. But they provide longer protection than liquid ones do because they create durable coating resistant to abrasive wear.

Tips on undercoating use

  1. Prepare the surface for treating: wash it thoroughly and be sure to dry it well. Use of some agents is totally ineffective if even a small quantity of moisture remains under the protective coating. Also you should not apply undercoating above the agents used earlier
  2. Clean out the oxidized spots with the help of special tools, for example, metal brush
  3. When using rust converters remember that usually the surface should be treated several times. This procedure requires waiting for some time between applying the layers, with cleaning the remains of each previous layer that has already performed its function.
  4. Perform works in a well-ventilated room at +5–30 °C temperature. Exact conditions are specified in the instruction.
  5. Wait for complete drying of the coating after applying. It can take up to 24 hours.
  6. Use personal protection equipment in order to prevent damaging of skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Harmful substances are in the composition of most products.

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