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Valve grinding pastes ensure the tightest fitting of working surfaces – valve discs and seats. The efficiency and stability of the engine depend on how well this joint is sealed. The product is used when restoring and cleaning worn parts as well as when new ones are installed.

What are the types of valve grinding pastes

By the filler:

  • Non-abrasive. They are used for finishing. Make the treated parts as clean as possible. Form a protective film on their surface which improves heat transfer.
  • Abrasive. They contain solid particles of different sizes and allow eliminating irregularities and other damage.

By the size of the filler:

  • Coarse-grained. They are used to eliminate significant damage, remove the roughness.
  • Medium-grained. They remove the thinnest layer of metal. Also used for rough finishing.
  • Fine-grained. Intended for finish polishing. Make the surface smooth, give a solid colour and mirror shine.
  • Double-component. Such pastes contain particles of different sizes. At first, larger particles come into action then followed by smaller ones.

Some manufacturers produce sets of valve grinding pastes which contain products for both rough and final finishings. They can be packed in different tubes as well as in one container with compartments.

Features of using valve grinding pastes

  1. Study the instruction on the package of the product and follow strictly the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some compounds have to be applied in a solid layer while others are made for spot treatment.
  2. Make sure that the product you’ve bought is ready to be used.
  3. Prevent the agent from getting into inlet and outlet ports of an engine.
  4. When the work is over, put away the rest of the paste and clean the residues of abrasive from treated parts with a brake cleaner, for example.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

The product should be chosen considering how damaged the surfaces to be cleaned are. If there are much soot and or the part is uneven, give your preferences to coarse-grained agents. It is better to buy a valve grinding paste with medium sized grains in order to eliminate considerably small defects. Specialists from the online shop AUTODOC will help you to choose the most suitable product. Contact them via online chat and you will get answers to all of your questions very quickly.

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