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Welding sprays are widely used when welding to retain the integrity of metal parts. Its usage prevents soot and metal spatter from forming on the surface of the welded parts as well as on the welder nozzle, make polishing of the welds easier, helps to reduce the consumption of materials used while welding. Besides, these products, when dry, form a protective film to prevent corrosion from spreading.

What are the types of welding sprays

Welding sprays can contain different components used as active ingredients. The most popular are the following types of products:

  • Silicone-based. They are inexpensive but need to be often applied due to which are consumed quickly. When they get on the welding area they can produce a negative effect on the joint efficiency. After the work is done, the surface should be thoroughly degreased, therefore, these sprays are not recommended for applying on the parts which are going to be galvanised, chromed or painted. Such sprays can contain aluminium and molybdenum additives. The first ones are used for aluminium parts. They make the welds smooth and shiny. The second ones preserve their working properties at the temperature of up to 700 °C.
  • Ceramic-based. Are more effective, withstand the temperature of up to 1500 °C. They do not tend to spread therefore they are convenient to use. Cost-efficient: one application is usually enough for 8 hours of work.
  • Vegetable-oil-based. Environment-friendly and safe. They do not contain any toxic components. They include substances that degrease the surface. Therefore, in case they happen to get on the working surface, they won’t have any effect on the joint efficiency.

Features of using welding sprays

  1. The product should be applied where the welds are going to be. It should be sprayed in a thin layer.
  2. Some compounds have to be applied on cool parts only and others require preheating. The succession of steps can be found in the instruction supplied in the package together with the product.
  3. Silicone-based sprays, as a rule, do not form a durable coating. They should be occasionally sprayed again and again.
  4. After using products containing silicone, it is necessary to clean the nozzle thoroughly in order to prevent it from getting clogged.
  5. Welding spatters which appeared while performing works have to be removed with a metal brush.
  6. Some compounds have to be washed and degreased while others need just wiping off with a dry cloth.
  7. Welding sprays can contain flammable components. Therefore, you should observe the fire safety regulations when using them.

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