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Accessory Kit, brake shoes for your car

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Learn more about Accessory Kit, brake shoes - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Fasteners wearing out is one of the defects in drum brake mechanism work. These components include hold down pins, parking brake struts and return springs which provide reliable fixation between all the elements and return brake shoes to starting position at the moment of brake pedal releasing . Weakening or stretching of details happen at their lifetime ending.

How to recognize drum brake shoes fasteners wearing out

Car owner can recognize defect according to the following signs:

  • noise and vibration when brake pedal is pressed;
  • brake shoes squeaking;
  • braking efficiency reducing;
  • driving trajectory deflection.

Springs and other fasteners lifetime expiration cause uneven wearing out of brake shoes, change of their position or slant. Such defects can cause drum damage. That is why it is strongly recommended to perform diagnostics at service station if there are any defect signs. It is recommended to perform check on a special stand. In this case you need to demount brake drum and examine all fasteners and return springs for wearing out, stretching or corrosion.  Specialist will replace broken components if needed.

Causes of drum brake shoes fasteners wear-out

  • poor components quality;
  • out-of-time maintenance;
  • aggressive driving;
  • improper installation of return springs;
  • components lifetime ending.

How to avoid drum brake shoes fasteners wear-out

Drum brake mechanism is a closed system that is why moisture that appears on components surface remains inside and speeds up lifetime ending of shoes fasteners. Driver’s safety depends on brake system condition and that is why it is recommended not to neglect terms of maintenance, perform diagnostics of drum brake components in time, brake fluid and shoes replacement. If car is used in urban conditions check of drum brake components should be performed every 15 000 – 20 000 operational kilometers.

How to choose drum brake shoes fasteners

Choosing fasteners as well as brake shoes, it is recommended to study car manufacturer requirements. Mounting only qualitative components provides good functioning of brake system and safety of road users. Address to our online-shop to get reliable components. AutoDoc company offers a wide range of components at reasonable prices. Our site easy-to-use interface allows to find everything you need for your car repair. If you have any questions you can address to our technical support service specialists.

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