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Accessory Kit, disc brake pads for your car

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Learn more about Accessory Kit, disc brake pads - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Brake system components are parts that ensure stable operation of the entire system. Effective vehicle deceleration and stopping depend on their operability.

Types of Brake System components
  1. pipes.
  2. fasteners: bolts, nuts.
  3. sealers.
Tips for operating the brake system components

These parts are consumables and are inexpensive. Therefore, in case of failure, they must be replaced. Service life is totally dependent on the manufacturer and the operating conditions. It is recommended to regularly inspect the fastenings to prevent loosening of the of the brake mechanism and drive components. Tubes and seals should be inspected during the replacement of the brake fluid. Early detection of components malfunctions will prevent more serious damage.

Faults of brake system components
  • cracked rubber parts;
  • rusting of metal elements;
  • breakage.
Symptoms of brake system components failure
  • increase of braking distance;
  • the lack of the vehicle response when the driver pushes the brake pedal;
  • drastic reduction of the working fluid in the system;
  • the appearance of uncharacteristic noise, vibration during the stop and movement;
  • metallic knocking.
Causes of brake system components malfunctions
  • wear and tear;
  • mechanical damage;
  • excessive force action;
  • ignoring the terms and rules of operation.
Diagnostics of Brake System components

Identifying the malfunction of these parts is very difficult, since they are similar to the symptoms of the braking system disorders. However, the visual analysis is sufficient to detect defective parts. Do not forget that many of the parts are located in hard to reach places. Therefore, only an expert can run a complete diagnosis.

Repair and replacement of brake system components

Repair of brake system components is impractical. These parts are easy to choose for any vehicle model at an affordable cost. Therefore, on detection of damaged fasteners you need to do the following:

  1. Remove the worn item.
  2. Check the seat for rust and screw threads for intactness.
  3. Install a new piece by applying an optimal force. To do this, we recommend to use a torque wrench.

For the replacement of defective pipes you should:

  1. Intercept the flow of the working fluid into them.
  2. Loosen the fastenings.
  3. Carefully remove the part, since it may have the remains of the brake fluid.
  4. Install a new pipe.
  5. Insert in the seat and tighten the new fastenings.

You can carry out repair and replacement of brake system components by yourself or refer to a service station.

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