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Pollen filter for car

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Replacement of Pollen filter: Video repair guide
How to change pollen filter on RENAULT SCENIC 3 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to change pollen filter / cabin air filter / cabin filter on RENAULT SCENIC 3 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC Top brands that produce pollen filter: BOSCH,...

Step by Step Video Tutorial for Do-it-yourself Auto Repair. Become an amateur mechanic with Autodoc.

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  • Original RIDEX Pollen filter
  • Original MANN-FILTER Pollen filter
  • Original BOSCH Pollen filter
  • Original MAHLE ORIGINAL Pollen filter
  • Original HENGST FILTER Pollen filter
  • Original KAMOKA Pollen filter
  • FRAM
  • VEMO
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Buy Cabin filter RIDEX 424I0012 Width: 216mm, Height: 32mm, Length: 252mm
Pollen filter
Article number: 424I0012
£ 4,15
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Filter Insert, Particulate Filter
  • Length [mm]: 252
  • Width [mm]: 216
  • Height [mm]: 32
  • Quantity: 1
  • RIDEXPollen filter
  • Item number424I0012
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 5,77
  • Our price £ 4,15
  • Condition  New
Buy Air conditioner filter RIDEX 424I0028 Width: 175mm, Height: 36mm, Length: 286mm
Pollen filter
Article number: 424I0028
£ 4,73
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Pollen Filter, Filter Insert
  • Length [mm]: 286
  • Width [mm]: 175
  • Height [mm]: 36
  • Quantity: 1
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • RIDEXPollen filter
  • Item number424I0028
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 6,57
  • Our price £ 4,73
  • Condition  New
Buy Pollen filter RIDEX 424I0021 Width: 214mm, Height: 29mm, Length: 194mm
Pollen filter
Article number: 424I0021
£ 3,43
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Pollen Filter, Particulate Filter, Filter Insert
  • Length [mm]: 194
  • Width [mm]: 214
  • Height [mm]: 29
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • RIDEXPollen filter
  • Item number424I0021
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 4,77
  • Our price £ 3,43
  • Condition  New
Buy Cabin filter MANN-FILTER CU 1829 Width: 180mm, Height: 28mm, Length: 185mm
Pollen filter
Article number: CU 1829
£ 10,15
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Particulate Filter
  • Length [mm]: 185
  • Width [mm]: 180
  • Height [mm]: 28
  • MANN-FILTERPollen filter
  • Item numberCU 1829
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 14,10
  • Our price £ 10,15
  • Condition  New
Buy Air conditioner filter MANN-FILTER FP 8430 Width: 122mm, Height: 20mm, Length: 813mm
Pollen filter
Article number: FP 8430
£ 31,15
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Charcoal filter with polyphenol, with antibacterial action, Particulate filter (PM 2.5), with fungicidal effect, Charcoal Filter
  • Length [mm]: 813
  • Width [mm]: 122
  • Height [mm]: 20
  • Supplementary Info: FreciousPlus
  • MANN-FILTERPollen filter
  • Item numberFP 8430
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 43,27
  • Our price £ 31,15
  • Condition  New
Buy Pollen filter MANN-FILTER CUK 2545 Width: 216mm, Height: 32mm, Length: 246mm
Pollen filter
Article number: CUK 2545
£ 13,02
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Charcoal Filter
  • Length [mm]: 246
  • Width [mm]: 216
  • Height [mm]: 32
  • MANN-FILTERPollen filter
  • Item numberCUK 2545
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 18,08
  • Our price £ 13,02
  • Condition  New
Buy Cabin filter MANN-FILTER CUK 26 010 Width: 224mm, Height: 36mm, Length: 254mm
Pollen filter
Article number: CUK 26 010
£ 12,59
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Charcoal Filter
  • Length [mm]: 254
  • Width [mm]: 224
  • Height [mm]: 36
  • MANN-FILTERPollen filter
  • Item numberCUK 26 010
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 17,49
  • Our price £ 12,59
  • Condition  New
Buy Air conditioner filter MANN-FILTER CUK 29 005 Width: 284mm, Height: 44mm, Length: 264mm
Pollen filter
Article number: CUK 29 005
£ 24,68
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Filter type: Charcoal Filter
  • Length [mm]: 264
  • Width [mm]: 284
  • Height [mm]: 44
  • MANN-FILTERPollen filter
  • Item numberCUK 29 005
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price £ 34,28
  • Our price £ 24,68
  • Condition  New
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LAO 467/S CUK 2641 CUK 2939/1 0 986 628 523 698798 FP 2442
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Pollen filter – technical details:
Length [mm]: Width [mm]: Height [mm]:
247 256 206 253 30 35
288 193 215 213 34 28
240 185 204 180 20 25

Learn more about Pollen filter - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Cabin filter removes contaminants from the air entering the passenger compartment. It is an element of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Types of cabin filters

By way of purification:

  • mechanical;
  • adsorptive;
  • combined.

By the material of the filter element:

  • paper;
  • coal.

By design:

  • housing;
  • cartridge.
The construction of cabin filters

The part is filter element enclosed in a plastic frame. The latter can be mono- or multilayer. Mechanical cleaning filters (anti-dust) have a single-layer core. Air passes them through a special paper and is cleaned of mechanical particles. In the multilayer filter paper plate elements are interspersed with activated carbon, which is capable of absorbing odors and toxic gases.

Operating cabin filters

The item needs to be replaced regularly. Terms of the planned replacement are usually found in the technical documentation of the car and, depending on the vehicle model may vary. As a rule, the efficiency time of the filter in the recommendations of car manufacturers is measured as one or two years (20 000-60 000 km). But many motorists prefer to change it more frequently: every six months or every 10 000-15 000 kilometers. In any case, if you notice that the itemhas lost functionality, replace it: the purity of the air inside the car affects health.

Faults of cabin filters
  • deformation of the body;
  • contamination of the work surface;
  • end of service life;
  • damage to the filter element.
Symptoms of cabin filters faults
  • there is an unpleasant smell in the cabin;
  • windows begin to fog up;
  • temperature regime is difficult to regulate;
  • air flow enters the interior of the car with difficulty;
  • outside odors begin to penetrate into the interior.
Causes of cabin filters faults
  • service life has come to an end;
  • vehicle often drives on dusty roads;
  • mistakes were made during the part installation;
  • a filter element is exposed to moisture or oil;
  • working surface was damaged.

You can detect filter malfunction easily by its appearance. However, it is best to just take a habit to regularly change the cabin filter without having to wait until its condition becomes critical.

Replacement of cabin filters

Repair of cabin filter is not done. Replacement of parts can be easily carried out on your own.

First do not forget to cover the interior with a protective material. Then remove the elements that impede access to the filter (it is usually enough to pull out the glove box). Then remove the filter housing and remove the item. In the case of using a removable cartridge, separate filter element and a frame. Install the new filter.

Sometimes the design features of the car make independent filter replacement difficult. In this case, it is better to consult a service shop.

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