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Learn more about Boot - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

The boot lid is a part of the vehicle body. Its function is to provide access to the luggage compartment of the vehicle.

The boot lid construction

Structurally, the boot lid is a single piece of metal or other material. Boot springs are arranged in a way so that an open lid always remain raised to facilitate access to the luggage compartment. A lock is installed on the lid, sometimes a power drive for automatic opening and closing.

Boot operating tips
  • This part of the body is designed for long usage, and in case of careful handling as well as the absence of physical damage, has an unlimited service life.
  • The item is exposed to moisture. Therefore, to avoid corrosion, it is necessary to keep the car in a dry place.
  • It is not recommended to overload the luggage compartment, the lid should close easily, without additional effort.
  • When the boot lock fails it should be replaced immediately. Opening the lid while driving can lead to a loss of things, restrict the driver's vision and create an accident threat on the road.
Boot lid faults
  • mechanical damage;
  • corrosion;
  • lock failure;
  • malfunction of the drive;
  • burnout wiring;
  • boot springs fault;
  • wear of rubber seal.
Signs of boot lid faults
  • open lid does not remain in the raised position;
  • resistance when trying to close the lid;
  • lock jamming;
  • spontaneous opening of the luggage compartment;
  • pressing the opening button/knob is not accompanied by action.
Causes of boot lid faults
  • road accident;
  • ingress of moisture, dirt and foreign objects on the surface of the lid and into the lock mechanism;
  • electric drive contact closure;
  • temperature drop.
Repair and replacement of the boot lid

This part of the body in case of mechanical damage can be flattened and painted. Without special tools and experience it is best to refer to service center specialists. When large deformation occurs this item should be replaced. You can do it by yourself following the instructions below:

  • remove the wiring;
  • unscrew the bolts and remove the handle and the struts;
  • remove the lid lock;
  • unscrewing the bolts that secure the hinges remove the lid from the body;
  • install a new item and repeat the above steps in reverse order.
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