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Brake Hose for your car

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Replacement of Brake Hose: Video repair guide
How to replace front brake hoses on VW GOLF 5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace front brake hoses / front brake line on VW GOLF 5 (MK5), (1K1) TUTORIAL | AUTODOC Top brands that produce brake hoses: BOSCH, STARK,...

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Learn more about Brake Hose - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Brake hoses are components of the brake line, part of the braking system. They are used as an alternative to rigid piping in those places where it is necessary to ensure the movement of hydraulic fluid through flexible connections.

Types of brake hoses
  • Rubber hoses. They are used in most modern cars.
  • Reinforced hoses. They are highly resistant to damage. Often used in racing and sports car models.
Construction of brake hoses

Brake hoses are composed of two main layers: the inner and the outer. The inner layer is responsible for the smooth and rapid passage of hydraulic fluid through the pipeline. Exterior (steel or reinforced mesh)is responsible for the maintenance of the part form and resistance to damage. The rubber hoses have another layer covering the steel mesh. Its task is to ensure the integrity of the system and prevent the ingress of water in the brake fluid.

Tips for operating brake hoses

The brake hoses have a limited lifespan. Regardless of their appearance they require replacement after 100 thousand kilometers, in optimal conditions of use. You can prevent premature wear of the parts by regular evaluation of their condition and connection. You also need to monitor the tension of the hose: if the item is sagging, it starts to contact with other components and rub.

Malfunctions of brake hoses
  • deformation of the metallic elements, the occurrence of cracks in the rubber layer;
  • wear on the end of life;
  • clogging.
Symptoms of brake hoses failure
  • brake fluid leaking;
  • vibrations and strange sounds appear when you press the brake pedal;
  • on emergency braking the car sharply deviates from a predetermined path of movement;
  • brake drums overheat.
Causes of brake hoses malfunctions
  • damage to the connecting terminals;
  • leakage of the braking system;
  • infusion of low-quality working fluid;
  • mismatch of brake fluid to the characteristics of a particular car model;
  • ignoring the rules of the braking system operation;
  • loosening of fasteners.
Replacement of brake hoses

Repair of brake hoses is impractical. At fault it is recommended to replace the components in pairs.

To replace, follow these steps:

  1. Raise the vehicle using a jack.
  2. Remove the wheel.
  3. Treat with grease the connection of the hose and caliper in the presence of rust.
  4. Loosen and remove the fastenings using a spanner or wrench.
  5. Remove the clamps that attach the brake hose to the body or the rack.
  6. Replace the hose.
  7. Replace and tighten all fasteners.
  8. Install the wheel by applying an optimal force when screwing bolts.
  9. Lower down the car.
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