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Brake Pads

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Brake pads are a part of the braking system. In many ways they determine how quickly the vehicle will stop. When the pedal is pressed, the shoe is pressed against the disc, which leads to the vehicle braking.

Types of brake pads
  • Semi-metallic. Pads are made of iron, copper and graphite powders. Their advantage is a good heat transfer and disadvantages are rapid wear, loss of properties when the temperature drops and the presence of noise when braking.
  • Low-metallic. This is one of the best types of these components. Their composition is the same as that of the organic and improvement of properties is obtained by adding copper or steel, that allows a better heat removal. The only drawback is rapid wear of the brake disc.
  • Ceramic. Virtually no drawbacks: the ingress of water does not affect the performance, brake discs wear is minimal, and the dust and the heat are released to a much lesser extent than in the above-described analogues.
The construction of brake pads

The basis of the part is a metal plate with fixed friction lining on it. Pads repeat the form of a brake disc or drum. A pad is attached to the base by means of rivets and special adhesive. Many pads have wear sensor.

Tips for operating the brake pads

The service life of the brake pads depends on driving style and mileage. Sudden acceleration and deceleration wear the part out faster. On the average, its lifespan is 15 000–20 000 km. It is not recommended to exploit pads if lining thickness is reduced to 2-3 mm, since there is a risk of damage to the brake disc and the brake fluid boiling.

Malfunctions of brake pads
  • part is deformed;
  • the appearance of free play;
  • damage or break of the friction surface;
  • heavy wear of pads.
Symptoms of brake pads failure
  • uneven wear of parts;
  • wear indicator reading;
  • appearance of rattle or squeak in the wheel during braking;
  • increase in force when pressing the brake pedal;
  • the pedal does not return to its original position after release;
  • degradation of braking effectiveness.
Causes of brake pads malfunctions
  • item is not properly secured;
  • wear of the brake disc;
  • dust, dirt and foreign objects in the lining;
  • improper installation;
  • aggressive driving;
  • a fault in the brake cylinders.
Repair and replacement of brake pads

Repairing and restoring the pads is not recommended. In case of malfunction they should be replaced, especially because their cost is relatively low. Replacement parts will extend the life of the brake disc and the entire brake system. You can replace a pad by yourself with a minimal set of tools. To do this, follow these steps:

  • lock the car using the handbrake and raise it;
  • remove the wheel;
  • knock out retaining pins and guide pins;
  • using pliers or a screwdriver, drown pistons in the cylinder of a caliper and remove the old parts;
  • lubricate guide pins with oil and perform the above steps in reverse order.
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