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Door Seal for your car

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Learn more about Door Seal - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Cracks of door rubber seal is a common defect. Rubber door seal structure cracks and damages under the influence of high temperature and often temperature changes.

How to recognize door rubber seal cracks

You can easily find this defect having examined detail surface. It should be flat, without anomalies such as cracks, damages and tears. To do troubleshooting you need to demount the whole door. Procedure of door seal removal can be different according to car model, that is why it is better to address to service station for help. If component is cracked, dirt, dust and moisture will penetrate into passenger compartment. Examine adjoining surfaces and car floor.

Causes of door rubber seal cracks

The most common reason for appearance of rubber door seal cracks is a long-term effect of direct sunlight. Door sealing can also crack because of the following:

  • temperature changes;
  • low quality of materials used;
  • improper mounting.
How to avoid door rubber seal cracks

Install products of proven manufacturers only. They are made of qualitative materials which are resistant to temperature changes and other external impacts.  Lifetime of rubber door seals can be significantly extended by following operation requirements and recommendations.

Cracks and other damages of component surface can be caused by wrong mounting procedure. Entrust installation to specialists of service station only.

How to choose door rubber seal

Firstly, you need to follow requirements and recommendations of car manufacturer to choose good components . You can address to AutoDoc technical support and specialists will help you to choose appropriate component. You need just to note model and production year of your car. You will be pleased with low prices, regular specials and flexible discount system. AutoDoc is reliable, economic and comfortable!

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