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Fuel Pressure Regulator for your car

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Learn more about Fuel Pressure Regulator - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Fuel pressure regulator is a component of the fuel system that maintains optimal pressure in the fuel rail at various intensity of engine operation.

Construction of fuel pressure regulator

The mechanism of the fuel pressure regulator is placed in a steel casing that is resistant to high pressure, and consists of a diaphragm and a return valve. This valve is intended to prevent fuel backflow to the main pipe. The diaphragm is connected to the valve and exposed to the pressure of fuel in the rail on one side, and to the force of the valve spring on the other side. The fuel pressure regulator is installed in the fuel rail of vehicles with recirculation system, or in the fuel tank of vehicles without such system.

Pressure regulator operation tips

The service life of the fuel pressure regulator is about 200000 operational kilometres. To make the component work as long as possible, follow several simple operation rules. Usage of only quality fuel and timely replacement of the fuel filter will ensure proper operation of the entire system, and prevent premature wear of the regulator components.

Faults of fuel pressure regulator

  • fouling of the regulator;
  • mechanical damages of the body or internal elements;
  • valve jamming in closed position;
  • unstable operation or failure of the valve.

Signs of fuel pressure regulator faults

  • unstable operation of the power unit;
  • car jerks during moving;
  • troubled motor start;
  • the vehicle accelerates slowly when RPM is increased;
  • the engine stops at idle speed;
  • decrease of the engine nominal power;
  • black color of exhaust gases;
  • increase of consumed fuel volume.

Causes of fuel pressure regulator faults

  • exceeding of service life;
  • force impact;
  • usage of low-quality fuel;
  • clogging of a fuel filter;
  • installation of low-quality component,
  • incorrect installation of the regulator.

Replacement of fuel pressure regulator

A repair of the fuel pressure regulator is not performed. At appearance of first faults signs, have the fuel system diagnosed, and defective components replaced. For the diagnostics, use a pressure gauge connected to a special fitting. We strongly recommend to entrust installation of a fuel pressure regulator to specialists. An incorrectly installed component can quickly become faulty, or become a cause of the fuel system components malfunction.

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