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Gasket, fuel pump for your car

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Fuel pump gaskets are used to prevent fuel leaking and getting onto adjacent parts. They are used to seal the space between the fuel pump cover and its housing. Gaskets are also installed between the membranes of the diaphragm in a mechanical fuel pump.

These components are made of rubber that is resistant to destructive effect of gasoline, oil, and other technic liquids. Metal gaskets may also be used; they have better operation characteristics and longer service life. The size, the shape and other parameters of the gaskets may vary depending on the vehicle brand, model and on the type of the fuel pump.

Replacement of fuel pump gaskets

When replacing the gaskets, make sure that the new gaskets are compatible with the fuel pump installed in your car. It should be noted that pump disassembly is a prerequisite to mandatory replacement of gaskets, due to the risk of unit integrity loss. This procedure should be entrusted to specialists, since the removal of some elements of the fuel pump may be required. The complexity of work depends on the car model.

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