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Glow Plugs for your car

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Learn more about Glow Plugs - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Glow plug is a supporting element, which is a part of the diesel engine and the engine preheating system, accelerates the ignition of a combustible mixture in the cold season. They are also used to run a stand-alone heating of the passenger compartment.

Types of glow plugs

By spirals material:

  • Metal.
  • Ceramic.

By form:

  • Open. Mounted at a certain distance from the sprayer. Because of the special conditions they have a short lifespan.
  • Closed. placed in a high-temperature-resistant housing. They have a long service life.

By location:

  • In systems with separate combustion chamber - in the vortex or the settling chamber.
  • In the inseparable chambers – in the chamber itself.

By the number of spirals:

  • With one coil. Differ by accurate setting the required temperature, stability and performance.
  • With the double helix. This kit allows you to more accurately adjust the temperature balance.

According to the degree of heating:

  • Cold.
  • Average.
  • Hot.
  • Very hot.
The construction of glow plugs
  1. Heat conducting filler.
  2. Spiral.
  3. Seal.
  4. Housing.
  5. Circuit board with the pressure sensor.
  6. The diaphragm of pressure sensor.
  7. Terminal.
Faults of glow plugs
  • deformation of the spark;
  • the spark is broken or missing;
  • cracks or recesses on the tip of the details;
  • soot at the junction of the body and the tip;
  • contact rod bent or broken.
Symptoms of glow plugs failure
  • malfunction of the engine;
  • engine does not start;
  • the glow plug sensor does not light;
  • discoloration of the exhaust.
Causes of glow plugs faults
  • violation of the fuel supply and injection;
  • faulty control system;
  • failure of the high pressure fuel pump;
  • damaged thread of plug wells;
  • excessive force was applied while securing the contact;
  • use of the improper instrument;
  • high indicator of the current;
  • incorrect operation of the injector;
  • defective parts.
Replacing the glow plug

Repair of glow plugs is impossible. Worn or damaged glow plug should be replaced. The process does not take much time, but requires care and special skills. Improper installation (violation of the angle or the impact of excessive force during installation) leads to the failure of the new part.

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