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Idle Control Valve, air supply for your car

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Learn more about Idle Control Valve, air supply - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

The idle speed valve is used for dosing of air entering the intake manifold.

Construction of idle speed valve

The idle speed valve is installed in cars with gasoline engines equipped with electronic fuel injection system. It is often installed in the throttle body.

The idle speed valve consists of two main elements:

  • the housing made of aluminium alloy;
  • a solenoid.

Between the valve and the throttle body, a rubber gasket is installed, which ensures tightness of air ducts and prevents their contact with the coolant. There are also idle speed valves mounted into the throttle.

Faults of idle speed valve

  • short-circuit in solenoid winding;
  • corrosion of metal components;
  • loosening of fasteners;
  • mechanical damages.

Signs of idle speed valve faults

  • the engine doesn't start, or runs unevenly;
  • troubled engine start.

Causes of idle speed valve faults

  • worn-out rubber gaskets and ingress of the coolant into the air channels;
  • impact damage;
  • breakdown of fastening elements;
  • installation of poor quality components;
  • incorrect installation.

Replacement of idle speed valve

The idle speed valve is not subject to repair. If any defects signs were found, replacement is necessary. We highly recommend to perform it as soon as possible, and not to operate a car with a faulty idle speed valve. Damaging of solenoid winding can disrupt operation of the electronic control system of the engine, repair of which will cost much. If you have no knowledge and skills in servicing of the fuel system, we recommend to entrust replacement of the idle speed valve to professionals.

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