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Cylinder Lock for your car

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Learn more about Cylinder Lock - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

The lock cylinder is a part of the car door locking mechanism construction. This part is the primary functional element of the lock.

Types of lock cylinders

  • wafer tumbler (the casing houses wafers pressed by the key. When their position is coaxial, the cylinder rotates and unlocks the lock);
  • pin tumbler (a mechanism with locking and coding pins).

Construction of the lock cylinder

The pin-tumbler type construction includes the following components:

  • housing;
  • springs;
  • plug;
  • pins;
  • gasket;
  • tailpiece.

The key grooves act as wedges, lifting the pins in the lock cylinder.

Main functional elements of the wafer cylinders are spring-loaded wafers with grooves. When the correct key is inserted into the lock, the wafers rise up out of the groove, allowing the cylinder to rotate.

The lock cylinder operation tips

To extend the part service life, you should regularly use lubricants intended for car locks.

Professionals also advise using protective covers that prevent contamination of the cylinder.

Defects of the lock cylinder

  • spring deformation;
  • damage to pins and reduction of their height;
  • pins falling in;
  • contamination;
  • corrosion.

Signs of the lock cylinder defects

  • cylinder overtwists at key turning;
  • the lock does not unlock;
  • the key cannot be inserted into the lock, or taken out of it.

Causes of the lock cylinder defects

  • ingress of moisture into the lock;
  • vehicle operation in off-road conditions;
  • careless handling of the key;
  • low quality of the part.

Lock cylinder replacement

If damage to the springs and other lock cylinder components is significant, part replacement is recommended. If he wishes so, the car owner can carry out this procedure on his own. Install a new part in the following order:

  1. Remove the interior handle frame and the door trim.
  2. Unscrew the bolt that secures the cylinder in the lock.
  3. Push the cylinder slightly and remove it.
  4. Install a new cylinder.
  5. Tighten the fastening bolt.
  6. Reinstall the door trim.

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