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Radiator for your car

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Learn more about Radiator - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Radiator’s function is to remove excess heat from the engine into the atmosphere. The item is a part of the engine cooling system.

Types of water radiators
  • With round tubes. The only advantage of this radiator type is low cost. Disadvantages are low heat transfer surface, the need for high-quality gaskets and a small margin of safety.
  • With oval tubes. This type has a large heat transfer area, thus its cost is low, but the number of manufacturers of this radiator type is limited. And the quality of gaskets also has to be high.
  • Made by sintering technology. Radiators have a high level of strength and toughness, and have greater heat transfer surface. Gaskets are less prone to damage. The cost of parts is quite high.
  • Aluminum. The most expensive type of radiators. Price is the only drawback. Advantages are excellent heat transfer and toughness and strength.
Radiator construction

The structure consists of upper and lower header tanks, as well as the core which is the actual place of the circulating fluid cooling. The core is a large number of brass or aluminum tubes with thin walls and fins of corrugated copper or aluminum tapes for better heat transfer. Tubes connect the upper and lower radiator pipes. Coolant is circulated through a network of channels in the walls of the engine, and picks up excess heat, and cools down passing through the radiator tubes. The cycle is repeated while the engine works.

Tips for operating water radiator
  1. Perform the replacement of coolant at least once in 2-3 years. This will increase the service life of the radiator.
  2. Use only certified liquid to prevent corrosion and clogging of the radiator tubes.
  3. In case of the cooling system deterioration check the radiator: while driving insects, dirt, dust and foreign objects fall into a ribbed surface, which impairs heat transfer.
  4. Finding traces of smudges on the radiator, inspect it for mechanical damage.
  5. Do not forget that regular maintenance of the radiator will increase its service life.
  6. Inspection and diagnosis of the radiator is carried out every six months.
Water radiator faults
  • clogging of the core;
  • clogging of the core tubes;
  • disintegration.
Symptoms of water radiator faults
  • leakage of the core;
  • engine overheating;
  • excessive consumption of coolant.
Causes of radiator faults
  • foreign objects getting into the radiator core;
  • mechanical damage;
  • corrosion;
  • contact of the radiator surface with the cooling fan;
  • wear;
  • Using coolant of low quality;
  • Mineral deposits on the inner walls of the radiator tubes;
  • header tank or core leakage;
  • long idle period;
  • overpressure in the cooling system.
Repair of water radiator

Radiator leaking is the most common problem of the part. Minor leaks can be eliminated with the help of special fluids, closing micro cracks. Large openings are eliminated by soldering or welding. It is not recommended to do it by yourself without experience. The best option is to apply to a service center.

inner deposits are removed by washing the part by special means. The washing should be carried out in a direction opposite to the circulation of the coolant.

In case of minor radiator mechanical damage experts of a service center will make the part flattening. If this is not possible, the radiator will have to be replaced.

Replacing radiator

Damaged radiator tubes are almost beyond repair. If the damaged spot is large enough only replacing the part can solve the problem. When tubes are clogged they can be washed with water or blown by a jet of air under pressure. You can do it by yourself.

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