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Seal, sunroof for your car

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Learn more about Seal, sunroof - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Sunroof rubber seals are components that ensure tight connection of the sunroof cover and its frame. They prevent ingress of moisture and cold air into the passenger compartment, improve sound insulation.

Types of sunroof rubber seals

By design:

  • one-piece;
  • two-piece.

Besides, components may differ in length and diameter. Selecting a seal, be guided by the technical specifications of your vehicle.

Construction of sunroof rubber seals

Sunroof rubber seals are made of foam rubber. The most widespread are seals with U-shaped section within which there is a reinforcing metal rod. The outer seal side has a softer and smoother surface, which protects the contact spot of the sunroof cover and frame from chips and scratches. There is no need to use an adhesive compound at mounting such seals: they are put on the sunroof cover along its perimeter.

Operation of sunroof rubber seals

The seals service life depends on the manufacturing material quality and properties, and is usually indicated by the manufacturer. To avoid premature wear of the parts, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • keep the vehicle in the garage or in the parking lot, but not outdoors;
  • don’t use adhesives and sealing compounds for fastening the seal, if such a possibility is not designated by the spare part manufacturer;
  • regularly remove dirt from the seal using a clean cloth and water;
  • lubricate the seal with glycerin every three months on the average, to maintain its elasticity.

Defects of sunroof rubber seals

  • wear;
  • cracking;
  • breakage;
  • detachment of rubber from the metal frame;
  • loss of the material elastic properties.

Signs of sunroof rubber seals defects

  • reduced air conditioner efficiency;
  • leakage from under the sunroof seal during rain;
  • sunroof sagging;
  • gaps between the sunroof cover and its frame;
  • damage to the body paint coating around the sunroof perimeter;
  • strange sounds in the passenger compartment during driving.

Causes of the sunroof rubber seals defects

  • long vehicle stay under direct sunlight;
  • moisture effect to the part;
  • temperature changes;
  • use of drying equipment during car painting;
  • use of adhesives or sealants that have a disruptive impact on rubber.

Sunroof rubber seals replacement

Sunroof rubber seals are consumable elements. If they are damaged or worn out, they are subject to replacement. You can carry out installation yourself. To do this, use the following instructions:

  1. Raise the sunroof and remove the protective shades.
  2. Loosen the fastening screws with a Torx key and remove the glass. Indicate the washers positions with marks to save the factory settings.
  3. Remove the old seal.
  4. Remove dirt from the sunroof cover surface.
  5. Install a new seal.
  6. Install the sunroof by following the steps in the reversed order.

AutoDoc professional assistance

A worn out seal does not stop moisture, which results in corrosion of the sunroof edge. Disregard of this defect may lead to the sunroof damage, the purchase of which will cost considerably higher than prompt seal replacement. If you want your new part to have the longest possible service life, we recommend purchasing sunroof rubber seals in our online-shop. We have a wide variety of spare parts for cars of all brands. You will receive your order within the shortest possible period, because we value your and our time. When choosing a part, you can always seek assistance of our specialists, who will not only find the right part, but also tell you how you can save on the purchase.

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