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Seat Adjustment for your car

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Learn more about Seat Adjustment - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

A seat adjustment lever is a part that serves for changing the car seat back and cushion position. This mechanical adjustment component provides comfort to the driver and the passengers and helps you to reduce fatigue of the back muscles during long distance travels.

Types of seat adjustment levers

By construction:

  • lever;
  • adjustment knob.

By the mounting location:

  • the front seat adjustment mechanism;
  • the rear seat adjustment controls.

Construction of the seat adjustment lever

The part includes the following components:

  • lever;
  • lock;
  • seat adjustment spring or strut;
  • cable;
  • fastening bolts.

The cushion or backrest position lock is moved by the handle, it is connected to the guide rails. The seat travels along them forward or backward, and after you release the lever the seat is secured in the desired position. The handles are typically installed on the seat sides and also allow to change the seat back recline angle.

The seat adjustment lever operation tips

It is prohibited to move the the driver's seat adjustment lever during driving to avoid loss of control. The part has no predetermined service life limit. The part durability is dependent on its operation specifics. The part will function for a long time in case of delicate handling. In order to prevent seat adjustment lever premature wear, purchase high quality parts from reliable manufacturers.

Defects of the seat adjustment lever

  • wear of the part;
  • mechanical damage;
  • loosening of the parts fastening;
  • cable breakage;
  • deformation of the damping spring.

Signs of the seat adjustment lever defects

  • hindered seat position adjustment;
  • the handle does not take the original position;
  • lever knocks during driving.

Causes of the seat adjustment lever defects

  • incorrect mounting;
  • poor quality of components;
  • force impact.

Replacement of the seat adjustment lever

In case of the part lifetime period expiration, or its constituent elements are considerably damaged, the part is non-repairable. In such cases the lever requires replacement.

The part installation procedure may slightly vary depending on the vehicle brand and model. For the part correct mounting you should thoroughly read your car maintenance manual.

It is recommended to carry out the part replacement at a service station if you have no experience and technical knowledge.

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