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Sway Bar for your car

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Replacement of Sway Bar: Video repair guide
How to change a front anti roll bar link MERCEDES-BENZ S W220 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to change a Front Anti Roll Bar Link / Front Sway Bar Link / Front Stabilizer Link / Front Stabilizer Bar Link MERCEDES-BENZ S W220 TUTORIAL |...

Step by Step Video Tutorial for Do-it-yourself Auto Repair. Become an amateur mechanic with Autodoc.

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Learn more about Sway Bar - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Anti-roll bar is an element of the suspension of the car. The part contributes to vehicle stability when cornering, reducing body roll and softens jolting when driving on roads with low quality.

Types of stabilizers

By Location:

  • front;
  • rear.

By the presence of the stabilizer rods:

  • without rods;
  • with rods.

By changing the stiffness:

  • With fixed stiffness.
  • With adjustable rigidity. The parameter is adjusted by selecting the option of fastening of the stabilizer. In modern vehicles, especially SUVs, this feature is implemented by replacing the rods with the stabilizer cylinders.
Construction of Stabilizer bar

The design of this item is quite simple. The part is a metal rod of circular cross section U-shaped and is made of spring steel. The stabilizer is mounted on the front or rear suspension and fixed to the body, as well as the hub assemblies of left and right wheels.

The part performs its function like a torsion bar. In a side-roll opposite ends of the parts are moved vertically, while the average of the stabilizer is twisted. This allows you to redistribute the load on the elastic elements of the suspension, due to which the transverse angular oscillations of the car body are reduced.

Operation of the stabilizer

Service life of stabilizer is more than 200 000 kilometers. with proper operation of the car the part will serve for the duration of use of the vehicle. stabilizer rods are more prone to wear, their service life is an average of 20 000 kilometers. If you drive carefully, especially on roads with poor quality surface you can extend the life of the stabilizer and its components.

Stabilizer faults
  • deformation of the parts;
  • wear of bushings and rod;
  • mechanical damage;
  • corrosion.
Symptoms of stabilizer failure
  • car pulls away during movement;
  • body sways during braking and cornering;
  • the emergence of a squeak in carrying out maneuvers;
  • knock on the suspension while driving.
Causes of stabilizer faults
  • exposure to moisture;
  • sporty driving style;
  • traffic accident;
  • low-quality road surface;
  • hitting a bump.
Repair of stabilizer

To repair the stabilizer bar is possible in the case of its small deformation. It is recommended to refer to specialists. Rods, seals and fasteners when worn, as a rule, must be replaced.

Replacing stabilizer

You can replace the part on your own, having the presence of a basic set of tools. To replace, you need:

  • drive the car on the car ramp;
  • loosen the fastening of the stabilizer and rods on the left, then - on the right;
  • remove the stabilizer bar and rod;
  • install a new part, twisting left and right fastening screws alternately to prevent misalignment;
  • mount rods;
  • repeat the above steps in reverse order.
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