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Water Pump
Article number: F150
£ 27,21
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Weight [kg]: 0.77
  • DOLZWater Pump
  • Item numberF150
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 34,01
  • Our price £ 27,21
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump VKPC 81627 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: VKPC 81627
£ 36,54
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Number of Teeth: 19
  • Water Pump Type: for toothed belt drive
  • SKFWater Pump
  • Item numberVKPC 81627
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 45,68
  • Our price £ 36,54
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump 7.02853.20.0 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: 7.02853.20.0
£ 267,53
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Operating Mode: Electric
  • Technical Information Number: PI 1833
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Diameter 2 [mm]: 40
  • Diameter 1 [mm]: 40
  • PIERBURGWater Pump
  • Item number7.02853.20.0
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 334,41
  • Our price £ 267,53
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump VKPC 85314 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: VKPC 85314
£ 56,57
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Water Pump Type: for v-ribbed belt use
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: with engine temperature sensor
  • SKFWater Pump
  • Item numberVKPC 85314
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 70,71
  • Our price £ 56,57
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump 1995 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: 1995
£ 38,46
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Weight [kg]: 1,05
  • AIRTEXWater Pump
  • Item number1995
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 48,08
  • Our price £ 38,46
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump P414 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: P414
£ 132,25
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Operating Mode: Mechanical
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: with flange
  • Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with seal
  • HEPUWater Pump
  • Item numberP414
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 165,31
  • Our price £ 132,25
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump 506019 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: 506019
£ 18,56
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Pulleys: without belt pulley
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: with lid
  • Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with gaskets/seals
  • Weight [kg]: 0,879
  • VALEOWater Pump
  • Item number506019
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 23,20
  • Our price £ 18,56
  • Condition  New
buy Water pump 01286 at any time
Water Pump
Article number: 01286
£ 16,42
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Water pump impeller material: Metal
  • Observe service information
  • Weight [kg]: 0,787
  • Number of Wings: 6
  • Material: Cast Aluminium
  • Seal Material: Paper
  • Item number01286
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 20,52
  • Our price £ 16,42
  • Condition  New

Learn more about Water pump - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

The water pump is a part of cooling system and it serves to provide the cooling liquid circulation in the channels of the engine jacket.

Water pump types

By drive type:

  • Belt-driven;
  • Gear driven.

By location:

  • outbound;
  • inbound.
The water pump construction

The impeller is the central part of the water pump. The part is driven by the drive shaft. The blades differ in shapes and can be set straight, curved, or tangential or radial. The size of the impeller is directly proportional to the unit capacity. In engine operation fluid flows to the rotating impeller, and due to the centrifugal force is directed to the cooling jacket of the engine.

The water pump operation

On the average, the part’s life cycle is 120 000 km. Using coolant of high quality, you can increase the service life time. It is recommended to use rain or melt water or a special liquid containing at least 40% ethylene glycol to prevent scale deposits and freezing during cold weather.

Malfunctions of the water pump
  • pump leakage;
  • corrosion;
  • damage to the flange of the pump housing;
  • bearing wear;
  • failure of the impeller.
Symptoms of the water pump failure
  • engine overheating;
  • increased noise during operation of the component;
  • bearing play;
  • traces of coolant leakage.
Causes of water pump faults
  • incorrect installation;
  • wear of the part;
  • use of low-quality coolant;
  • system depressurization;
  • long-term load of the engine.
Replacing the water pump

Since the element consists of a number of rotating parts, repair is done by their replacement in case of failure. Water Pump is a complex structure, so without knowledge and experience it is best to seek the help of a service center. You can replace the item by yourself, following these instructions:

  • deenergize the car by removing the battery terminal "-";
  • drain the coolant, opening the radiator drain valve;
  • remove the belt, generator and water pump pulley;
  • for removing the pump, disconnect hoses;
  • get the mounting surface clean from the remains of gasket materials and apply some sealant in place of contact;
  • install a new gasket;
  • follow the above steps in reverse order;
  • start the engine and check the pump surrounding area for leaks.
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