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Windscreen Washer Reservoir for your car

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Learn more about Windscreen Washer Reservoir - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Depressurization of windscreen washer fluid tank is a prevailing defect of car windows and headlights cleaning system. Cracks on tank body appear because of mechanical damaging or due to wear-out.

How to detect depressurization of windscreen washer fluid tank

Signs of component defects are:

  • washer fluid stains under front wheels;
  • washer fluid leakage stains on tank body;
  • insufficient income of washer fluid to washer jets.

When required every car owner can perform visual diagnostics of component by himself. To do this, you need to open hood and inspect tank body visually, check its mounting security, entirety of its cap and fixations. Component needs to be replaced if any cracks, abrasions, mounting elements damaging are found. Repair of fluid tank is unreasonable.

Installation technology may vary according to car brand and model. To perform installation you need to demount wheel and wheel arch cover. In case of experience and technical knowledge absence you need to entrust this procedure to service station specialist.

Causes of windscreen washer fluid tank depressurization

  • improper installation;
  • fixations loosening;
  • component lifetime ending;
  • force impact;
  • poor body material quality;
  • improper operation and untimely window windscreen fluid replacement.

How to prevent windscreen washer fluid tank depressurization

Windscreen washer fluid should be replaced due-time in order to prevent component pressurization loss, body cracking and windscreen washer failures. Tank should be filled with special non-freezing fluid in cold season. Filling tank with regular water is prohibited. Buy only qualitative parts in reliable shops to prolong lifetime of component. Follow next recommendations to prevent component depressurization and windscreen washing system failure:

  • check fluid level in windscreen washer tank before every trip;
  • use only special fluids, intended for car windscreen washing;
  • replace summer windscreen washer fluid with non-freezing one in due time.

How to select windscreen washer fluid tank

Components of famous brands are preferable in case if component replacement is necessary. Refer to car technical documents to buy windscreen washer fluid tank, which will fit your car brand and model. In our online-shop you will find widest range of high-quality components. You will easily choose all needed components with convenient search system, addressing to AutoDoc company. Apply to our technical support specialists in case you need guidance during product selection process.

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