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Wheel Bearing

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Replacement of Wheel Bearing: Video repair guide
How to change a Rear wheel bearing RENAULT SCENIC 2 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to change a Rear wheel bearing / Rear Wheel Bearing Kit / Rear hub Bearing / Rear wheel Hub Bearing RENAULT SCENIC 2 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC Top...

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Learn more about Wheel Bearing - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Wheel Bearing is the central element of the chassis system, the radial bearing is responsible for mounting the wheel to the steering knuckle and the hub. Car handling depends on this part’s quality and regular maintenance.

Types of wheel bearings
  • Single-row radial ball bearings. They require careful installing, as incorrect installation can cause rapid failure of the part.
  • Radial roller or double row bearings. They can handle twice the load of the single row ones. They do not need regular maintenance due to design features.
  • Tapered roller (radial thrust) bearings. They withstand axial and radial load due to the shift in the direction of the rolling elements.
The construction of wheel bearings
  1. The outer ring.
  2. Rolling element.
  3. The inner ring.
  4. The cage (polymer, steel, stamped, brass or machined).
Tips for operating wheel bearings

Front hub components are more prone to wear and tear, and therefore require regular replacement. Rear wheel bearing fails less often. To extend the parts life, you should follow the rules of the vehicle operation, regularly check the bearing for the presence of grease and dirt.

Wheel bearings faults
  • excessive heating of the component;
  • deterioration or destruction of the outer ring;
  • displacement of the bearing or changing the inclination angle;
  • unacceptably tight fit;
  • the appearance of burrs;
  • deformation of the part.
Symptoms of wheel bearings failure
  • humming when turning and when driving in a straight line;
  • sudden crunch, followed by the car side pull from movement path;
  • vibration in the steering system;
  • during hard braking and cornering the car sways;
  • wheels become very hot;
  • untimely and excessive tire wear.
Causes of wheel bearings faults
  • violation of operational rules;
  • uneven loading on the front and rear axles;
  • violation of the bearing clearance value;
  • deformation of the wheel or the elements friction;
  • lack of lubrication;
  • dust and dirt;
  • the use of low-quality lubricants;
  • incorrect installation.
Replacing wheel bearing

At failure of wheel bearings it is not recommended to carry out repairs. Replacing the wheel bearings should be entrusted to a professional. If you decide to assemble the part on your own, you will need:

  1. Set the support under the wheels, on which you will work.
  2. Raise the car using a jack on the side where the part is replaced.
  3. Remove the wheel, brake caliper and disc.
  4. Unscrew the bolts of the hub and take it apart.
  5. Remove the part, examine the seat.
  6. Install a new bearing, grease-lubricate it.
  7. Assemble the system by following the steps in reverse order, mount the wheel.
  8. Check operability.
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