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Choosing summer tyres: 2017 market overview

We put together a rating of top summer 2017 tyres based on the test drives done by several reputable car industry magazines. Our rating contains both classical models that have been in demand for the last several years and the latest offers on the market. The parameters taken into account when compiling the rating were road performance, braking performance, road grip coefficient, wear resistance, comfort level and affordability.

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Cutting fuel expenses: Autodoc experts provide you with simple tips aimed to save your money

You have noticed your car consuming more petrol, and the till slips you get at filling stations creating "black holes" in your budget? We will help you to understand the most common reasons for that and tell you how to cut down fuel expences.

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How to extend your tyres service life

The tyres lifespan depends both on their technical characteristics and operation conditions. While a car owner cannot affect the technical features, set by the manufacturer, he is still able to prevent the premature wear of tyres by changing their operating conditions. In this article we will talk about the measures that should be taken.

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Power steering fluid: how to choose and change it

The power steering useful life is intended for the entire life of a car, but only in the case the system doesn't have working fluid leaks. Using substandard oil or its untimely replacement are the most common causes of the power steering breakage. Read our article to know how to avoid mistakes when choosing and replacing the hydraulic fluid.

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Overheating of brake disks: symptoms, causes, problem solution

One of the most common brake disc failures is their overheating. In case of overheating the disc temperature reaches critical values, so that the brake pad begins to slip on the disc, and the efficiency of the brake system is reduced to a minimum.

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