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The number of
new cars sold
over 20 years

Here is some interesting infographic we’ve prepared for you. From it, you can find out which car body styles were preferred by motorists in Western European countries from 1998 to 2017. For example, the following trend can be observed: demand for saloons in Europe has fallen. Year by year, new cars of this body style are registered less and less frequently: their percentage among the total number of newly registered cars has dropped from 76 to 46 over 20 years.

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Brake discs' malfunctions: signs and causes

The car brake system plays an important role in ensuring traffic safety. One of the main elements of the system are brake discs. They are constantly exposed to high mechanical and thermal stresses. In order to promptly diagnose and eliminate brake disc faults, a car owner needs to know their main signs. Information on the causes of malfunctions will help him prevent breakdowns.

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Popular car parts
Choosing summer tyres: 2017 market overview

We put together a rating of top summer 2017 tyres based on the test drives done by several reputable car industry magazines. Our rating contains both classical models that have been in demand for the last several years and the latest offers on the market. The parameters taken into account when compiling the rating were road performance, braking performance, road grip coefficient, wear resistance, comfort level and affordability.

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What is RunFlat?

When driving on a poor quality road, the risk of damaging the tyres doubles. Potholes and bumps, nails, broken glass, sharp stones on the road, and even insufficient or excessive tyre pressure can cause a puncture. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to replace or repair the wheel. But when using RunFlat tyres you can easily get to the car service. In this article, we are going to tell you about what they are like.

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Wipers: complete guide
about operation
and replacement

To make sure that the driver can see the road well regardless of the weather outside the vehicle, wipers are included into the design of modern vehicles. They are mainly intended for instant removal of dirt, snow, and water from the surface of the windshield.

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Citroën offers glasses to eliminate motion sickness

According to statistics, about 30 million Europeans suffer from motion sickness on the road. Citroën made an attempt to solve this problem. The Seetroën glasses launched by the company are designed to eliminate disturbances in the operation of the vestibular system in passengers of motor vehicles.

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Goodyear Oxygene -
tyres that produce

Concerned about the constantly increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the natural disasters caused by it, the Goodyear company’s engineers presented to the world their innovative development - the concept of Oxygene tyres producing oxygen.

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Tiptronic is the proprietary name for a function that allows the driver to manually control an automatic transmission. The system was developed by the Porsche company in 1990, and was originally installed exclusively on cars of this brand. Now, different versions of Tiptronic can be found on models of such manufacturers as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Peugeot.

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Manumatic is the term used to refer to automatic, semi-automatic and continuously variable transmissions with the function of manual gear shifting.

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Power steering fluid: how to choose and change it

The power steering useful life is intended for the entire life of a car, but only in the case the system doesn't have working fluid leaks. Using substandard oil or its untimely replacement are the most common causes of the power steering breakage. Read our article to know how to avoid mistakes when choosing and replacing the hydraulic fluid.

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Overheating of brake disks: symptoms, causes, problem solution

One of the most common brake disc failures is their overheating. In case of overheating the disc temperature reaches critical values, so that the brake pad begins to slip on the disc, and the efficiency of the brake system is reduced to a minimum.

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