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Info on ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA model - the right selection of spare parts

Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Alfa Romeo Alfetta model, produced by the Italian automaker from 1972 to 1984, was presented in two body types - a sedan and a coupe. Production was carried out in Italy and South Africa.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta I generation

Alfa Romeo Alfetta was to shine at the Turin Motor Show in 1971, but due to a series of strikes at the plant in Arese the presentation was postponed for six months. Introduced in the spring of 1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta was one of the most innovative models of the post-war period.

The design of the car front was still consistent with the classical canons of the brand (dual round headlights in chrome rims, a plate with brand logo in the middle, a bumper with a cross blade made of stainless steel, three narrow chrome strips across the grille), and the rear part of the Alfa Romeo Alfetta was raised, which, in addition to improved aerodynamic performance, provided an unprecedented load capacity for this vehicle type.

The interior was quite traditional: the dashboard with wooden inlays located a speedometer, a tachometer, fuel level, water temperature and oil pressure sensors. Maximum comfort in the cabin was provided for the driver (a comfortable seat, height adjustable steering wheel), while the back passengers were a little cramped by the central tunnel. The luggage compartment was spacious, but impractical: due to the high load threshold there was a risk of damage to the body.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta cars held the road well, and, thanks to the perfect weight distribution, had a good entry into the turns, even at high speeds. The Achilles heel of the model was the gearbox, which was completely inconsistent with this car type.

In 1974 a four-seater coupe Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT was presented, that looked much like the sedan. The appearance of a simplified modification Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1,6, which was launched in Brussels in 1975 (different from the older sister by only one pair of headlights and cheaper finish), was due to the oil crisis. The next version Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 (Geneva, 1977), the front of which was 10 cm longer than its predecessors’, had already a more individual appearance: round headlights were replaced by rectangular ones, bumpers got polyurethane inserts, rear lights became larger.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta I generation restyling

In 1981, Alfa Romeo in collaboration with the University of Genoa developed a semi-experimental modification Alfa Romeo Alfetta CEM (Frankfurt Motor Show), which could engage both 4 and 2 engine cylinders. In the same year, all Alfa Romeo Alfetta cars got lateral black plastic stripes and moldings. In 1982 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Quadrifoglio Oro was introduced, equipped with electrically adjustable backrests of the front seats and driver's seat height, rear power windows, on-board computer. The last model facelift occurred in March 1983. The cars got a new bumper with integrated spoiler, grille and silver caps. In 1984, with the release of a new model Alfa Romeo 90, Alfa Romeo Alfetta release was discontinued.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta in different markets

In the United States in the 1975-1977 years the model was sold under the name Alfetta Sedan, and after restyling (1978-1979) - Sport Sedan.

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Bulb, spotlight 64193 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight
Article number: 64193
£ 2,65
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Bulb Type: H4
  • Rated Power [W]: 60/55
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: P43t
  • Product line: ORIGINAL
  • OSRAMBulb, spotlight
  • Item number64193
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 3,44
  • Our price £ 2,65
  • ConditionNew
V-Belt 6213MC for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
Article number: 6213MC
£ 3,41
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Length [mm]: 825
  • Width [mm]: 10
  • Outer Length [mm]: 835
  • Material: Polyester, Polychloroprene (Neoprene)
  • Colour: Black
  • GATESV-Belt
  • Item number6213MC
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 4,43
  • Our price £ 3,41
  • ConditionNew
Oil Filter W 940/24 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
Article number: W 940/24
£ 8,11
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Height [mm]: 142
  • Thread Size: 3/4-16 UNF
  • Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 62
  • Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]: 0,7
  • Part number of the recommended special tools: LS 9
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: with one anti-return valve
  • Diameter [mm]: 93
  • Outer diameter 2 [mm]: 71
  • MANN-FILTEROil Filter
  • Item numberW 940/24
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 10,53
  • Our price £ 8,11
  • ConditionNew
Suppression Capacitor 0 290 800 036 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
BOSCH Suppression Capacitor
Article number: 0 290 800 036
£ 8,78
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • BOSCHSuppression Capacitor
  • Item number0 290 800 036
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 11,40
  • Our price £ 8,78
  • ConditionNew
Wiper Blade 574112 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
VALEO Wiper Blade
Article number: 574112
£ 6,66
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Product line: SILENCIO STANDARD
  • Length [mm]: 450
  • Length [in]: 18
  • Quantity: 1
  • Wiper blade type: Standard
  • Matching Adapter: U
  • Weight [kg]: 0,131
  • VALEOWiper Blade
  • Item number574112
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 8,65
  • Our price £ 6,66
  • ConditionNew
Ignition Coil 48342 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
NGK Ignition Coil
Article number: 48342
£ 25,72
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Number of Poles: 2
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Ignition Coil: Connector Type DIN
  • Number of Inlets / Outlets: 1
  • Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles with distributor
  • NGKIgnition Coil
  • Item number48342
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 33,40
  • Our price £ 25,72
  • ConditionNew
Sender Unit, oil pressure 14500 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
FAE Sender Unit, oil pressure
Article number: 14500
£ 32,39
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Thread Size: M10x1
  • FAESender Unit, oil pressure
  • Item number14500
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 42,07
  • Our price £ 32,39
  • ConditionNew
Brake Fluid 03.9901-5803.2 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
ATE Brake Fluid
Article number: 03.9901-5803.2
£ 20,35

(£ 4,07 for 1 litre)

incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Quality: SL DOT 4
  • Content [litre]: 5
  • DOT specification: DOT 4
  • Packing Type: Can
  • MAPP code available
  • ATEBrake Fluid
  • Item number03.9901-5803.2
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 26,43
  • Our price £ 20,35
  • ConditionNew
Engine Oil 2202840 for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
ELF Engine Oil
Article number: 2202840
£ 20,21

(£ 4,04 for 1 litre)

incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Product line: Evolution
  • Version: 700 STI
  • Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 10W-40
  • Content [litre]: 5
  • Oil: Part Synthetic Oil
  • Specification: API SN, ACEA A3, API CF, ACEA B4
  • Manufacturer Release: MB 229.1, VW 501 01, Fiat 9.55535-G2, Renault RN0700, Renault RN0710, VW 505 00
  • Packing Type: Bottle
  • ELFEngine Oil
  • Item number2202840
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 26,25
  • Our price £ 20,21
  • ConditionNew
Bellow Set, drive shaft D8000E for ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA at a discount — buy now!
AUTOFREN SEINSA Bellow Set, drive shaft
Article number: D8000E
£ 5,94
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Fitting Position: Wheel Side
  • Height [mm]: 130
  • Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 21,5, 81
  • Specification: UNIVERSAL BOOT KIT
  • AUTOFREN SEINSABellow Set, drive shaft
  • Item numberD8000E
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 7,71
  • Our price £ 5,94
  • ConditionNew
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