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Do not forget about regular maintenance and replacement intervals of car parts for BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 series

BMW 5 series is the car of a business class, made since 1972 to the present. Today the release of restyling car of the sixth generation proceeds. Assembling of cars is carried out at the plants in Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt, China, Indonesia and Brazil. BMW cars of 5 series take the second place on sales volumes among all the models of the brand.

BMW 5 E12 series

Release of the first generation was carried out in 1972-1976. The model was constructed on the basis of the Bertone 1970 BMW Garmisch 2002ti car. The first cars were released in a body a sedan.

BMW 5 E12 series restyling

In 1976 cars of the first generation underwent restyling. Changes affected the design of an exterior and interior, and the technical units also. In particular the radiator grill arrangement changed, there was a hatch in a roof, rear lights became larger, the steering wheel was updated.

BMW 5 E28 series

In 1981 — 1988 the release of the second generation of BMW of 5 series proceeded. Emergence of the updated cars became an important milestone in the development of the brand. Cars of this generation received the turbocharged diesel engine for the first time in the brand history. These cars differed from the predecessors in modified knots and an expanded complete set.

BMW 5 E34 series

In 1988 the third generation was presented and was produced till 1996. The range of available bodies was filled up by station wagons. Changes affected both a hardware and design. Lines of a body of the car became smoother.

BMW 5 E39 series

In 1995 the fourth generation of BMW of 5 series was released. It was presented on the Frankfurt showroom of 1995. Cars were released in a sedan and a station wagon bodies. Length of a sedan was increased by 5,5 cm, width — by 4,9 cm, height — by 2,3 cm. The interior became more comfortable. Also the suspender was facilitated. The equipped mass of a sedan made 1 480 kg, a station wagon — 1 575 kg. Release of BMW E39 lasted till 2000.

BMW 5 E39 series restyling

In 2000 the BMW car of 5 series was upgraded. Changes concerned design of the exterior. Front lights got a roundish form, the radiator grill became larger, the design of a bumper changed slightly. Updating affected an interior also. The modernized wheel and a new lever handle of a gear shift were included in the sports package.

BMW 5 E60/E61 series

In 2003 the fifth generation debuted and was produced till 2007. Cars were produced in a sedan and a station wagon bodies. The updated model was characterized by courageous design of an exterior and the concept of an interior was completely changed. The body of a car was made of steel.

BMW 5 E60/E61 series restyling

In 2007 there was a restyling of BMW E60/E61. The car debuted within the Geneva showroom. The front bumper, headlights and rear lights were updated.

BMW 5 F07/F10/F11 series

From 2009 to 2013 the sixth generation of BMW of 5 series was released. The car was presented on November 23, 2009 at the Olympic stadium in Munich in a sedan body. The car got a stylish bumper, modern front optics and the increased wheel arches.

BMW 5 F07/F10/F11 series restyling

In 2013 the model of the sixth generation was modernized. Changes mainly affected the hardware. The sizes of the car and a road clearance remained unchanged. Cars are released in a sedan, fastback and a station wagon bodies.

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Top 10 auto parts for BMW 5 Series

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Number of article: 315 523 3002

incl. 20% VAT

  • MEYLEBrake Disc
  • Item number315 523 3002
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£51,00
  • Our price37,53 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 0857.50

incl. 20% VAT

  • METZGERBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item number0857.50
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£122,10
  • Our price61,40 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 062110660312

incl. 20% VAT

  • Item number062110660312
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£10,00
  • Our price7,20 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 1418500509

incl. 20% VAT

  • JP GROUPOil Filter
  • Item number1418500509
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£12,00
  • Our price8,59 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: MM-00084

incl. 20% VAT

  • JAPANPARTSShock Absorber
  • Item numberMM-00084
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£78,53
  • Our price47,03 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: SKAF-0060245

incl. 20% VAT

  • STARKAir Filter
  • Item numberSKAF-0060245
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£24,00
  • Our price17,49 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: AFR6545D/C02

incl. 20% VAT

  • CHAMPIONWiper Blade
  • Item numberAFR6545D/C02
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£44,00
  • Our price32,34 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 1451300619

incl. 20% VAT

  • JP GROUPWheel Bearing Kit
  • Item number1451300619
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£59,81
  • Our price27,08 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: SKIF-0170255

incl. 20% VAT

  • STARKFilter, interior air
  • Item numberSKIF-0170255
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£31,00
  • Our price22,63 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 314 133 2108

incl. 20% VAT

  • MEYLEFuel filter
  • Item number314 133 2108
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£31,70
  • Our price12,62 £
  • ConditionNew
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