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History of Daihatsu begins in 1907. The founders were two professors from Osaka University in Japan. Currently Daihatsu produces compact cars and household appliances.

Daihatsu Cars

Initially, the company bearing the name Hatsudoki Seizo Co., produced and sold internal combustion engines running on natural gas. Then came the petrol units.

Daihatsu introduced to the world its first vehicle - a three-wheeled vehicle HA - in 1930. This model became Japan's first domestically produced car. During World War II the company worked mainly to meet military needs. It was only in the early 1950s when Daihatsu fully recovered and started production of cars for export. Since 1967, the company belongs to the Toyota concern.

Now the Daihatsu range is represented by Class A, B and C compact cars, medium and compact SUVs, minivans, small trucks. The company also leads in the development of hybrid cars.

The most popular body types are an SUV, minivan and microvan, but there are also pick-up, hatchback, sedan and coupe-cabriolet.

Daihatsu Advantages
  • great fuel economy;
  • ease of operation;
  • durability of the parts;
  • high off-road performance and stability;
  • low cost of spare parts and consumables;
  • affordable price;
  • spacious cabin and comfortable seats;
  • good visibility;
  • reliability.

Depending on the model andmodification, Daihatsu cars have Parktronic, the climate control system and ABS, rear-view camera. The pleasant additional options are heated seats and mirrors, some of the buttons on the steering wheel assemblies, as well as powerful lighting.

The best Daihatsu parts

Reliable vehicles are produced under the Daihatsu brand with a powerful operating resource that is rarely broken. But sometimes they also need repair. For a quick recovery of the car we recommend to buy spare parts for Daihatsu in our online shop.

In addition to high-quality product you can get professional support from our Service Centre. Our staff will tell you details about the selected auto parts for Daihatsu, as well as inform on the opportunity to buy a similar item at a more affordable price.

A wide range of spare parts and convenient search system let you avoid extra effort and waste of time to find the right item. As a result, you will be able to carry out repairs as quickly as possible and with minimal financial investment.

Top 12 Car spare parts for DAIHATSU

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