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Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger is a flagman car of the Chrysler company which is being manufactured since 1966 until today. The car is considered to be one of the founders of the «Muscle car» class and is also one of the most popular cars of the concern.

Cars in hatchback, sedan and coupe bodies were produced under the name of Dodge Charger. Nowadays the cars of the last generation are produced in a sedan body type only.

Dodge Charger 1966–1971

Dodge Charger’s concept was presented in 1966. It was based on the classic Chrysler B platform and closely coupled with Dodge Coronet. The car was designed by Carl Cameron.The main features of the model were its high-power engines and striking "electric shaver" radiator grille design.

Developers have paid extra attention to the driver's comfort, by installing anatomic seats and an informative dashboard. The model gained a huge success after correcting the interior’s functional defects in 1967.

The second generation of Dodge Charger was released in 1968. Its designers accentuated the differences between Dodge Charger and Dodge Coronet. The renewed vehicle received a range of both exterior and interior changes that included dual radiator grille, hidden headlights and rounded tail lights. They also increased the car’s aerodynamic level.

Dodge Charger III generation

The Dodge Charger’s third generation was presented in 1971. The car received a more rounded body shape and substantial improvements in the exterior. Round headlights were installed and the fenders and wheel arches were reshaped.

In 1973 designers released the car with a special "vinyl"-styled roof. Due to this element the sales immediately soared.

Dodge Charger IV generation

The Dodge Charger’s fourth generation, which was based on the platform of Chrysler Cordoba, was released in 1975. The developers considered the car as a model of luxury class. But despite the expansion of the package range, sales decreased significantly.

Dodge Charger V generation

In 1981 Dodge Charger was restyled for the fifth time. The car received a new Chrysler L platform. The developers have completely changed the model’s exterior and positioned it as a sporty compact car.

Nevertheless, customers accepted the changes unfriendly so the sales were low. Project management decided to stop the release of the model in 1987.

Dodge Charger VI generation

In 2006 the American company has resumed the production of the iconic Dodge Charger model. The car was completely rebuilt and was based on the new Chrysler LX platform.

The designers used original ideas to create a modern and aggressive exterior. Mighty bumpers and body kit were installed. All the cars were equipped with traction control (ASR), Anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic stability control system (ESP) as well as remote door opening system.

Dodge Charger VI generation restyling

In 2011 the developers slightly changed the exterior style by installing renewed bumpers and headlights. The engines and the transmission were changed significantly.

The second restyling took place in 2015. The car received completely new headlights and a modified bumper.

Dodge Charger on different markets

In some European markets, the car was named Dodge Super Bee. The fifth generation of the model was also known as Shelby Charger or Dodge Charger Daytona.

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