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Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper is a sports car manufactured by Chrysler concern from 1992 to date.

The creation of a sport class vehicle was planned back in 1988 when concern president Bob Lutz offered to car designer Tom Gale to create the exterior for a sports car.

In 2010 Dodge Viper appeared in top 10 “Most American cars”. This means that over 75% of car’s assembly parts are produced in the US.

Dodge Viper 1992–2002

The first prototype of the car was tested in 1988. The official concept car was presented at the North American Auto Show in 1989. The public reaction was so strong that the concern’s chief engineer Roy Sjoberg decided to launch the car into the mass production, which began in 1992.

Dodge Viper I SR was released only in a roadster body. The car’s engine was developed by the Lamborghini Company, which later became a part of the Chrysler concern. The level of carbon dioxide emission of these power units completely met the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The engineers created a full-steel body and equipped the car with fiberglass panels. Furthermore, traction control (ASR) and anti-lock brake system (ABS) were installed.

The second generation of Dodge Viper I SR was released in 1996. Many steel parts were replaced with lighter aluminum alloys. The exterior design was reworked by Pete Brock: the roof’s shape was changed, the hood was rounded, the system of door locking and opening was improved.

Dodge Viper I ZB

The third generation of Dodge Viper I SR was presented in 2003. Developers rebuilt the engine using lighter materials. The exterior was created by the Street and Racing Technology design group. The car’s aerodynamic rates were improved.

Dodge Viper STR-10 was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005. Beside the classic roadster, the developers presented the car in a coupe body. Safety systems were significantly improved.

In 2006 Dodge Viper GTS ACR won the international Australian GT Championship racing.

Dodge Viper II ZB

The fourth generation of the Dodge Viper II ZB model was presented in 2008. It was released in roadster and coupe bodies.

Major attention was paid to the engines’ modernization. McLaren Automotive and Ricardo Consulting Engineers companies took part in the improvements. Variable valve timing system was developed by Continental AG. Additionally, fuel delivery system was improved while its consumption was reduced.

In 2009, the CEO of the brand Ralph Gilles announced that Dodge Viper’s production is finished. The last modification of the car’s fourth generation came out in 2010.

Dodge Viper VX

In spite of announcing the end of production, improvement of the model continued. And after a two year break, the fifth generation of Dodge Viper VX was presented at the New York Auto Show in 2012.

The developers decided to cut the production of the roadster, so the cars were produced in a coupe body only. The exterior of the model was created by Scott Krugger. The engine was completely made of aluminum, and all the cars were equipped with ABS, ESP and ASR systems.

Dodge Viper on different markets

The first generation of Dodge Viper was known as Chrysler Viper in Europe after its restyling. The cars of the second generation were sold in the UK under the name of Dodge SRT-10.

Top 6 auto parts for DODGE VIPER

Great deals on car parts from premium brand manufacturers for 6 DODGE VIPER models are available now. In our catalogue of spare parts for DODGE you will find a great assortment of first-class and inexpensive parts for DODGE VIPER from leading manufacturers.
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Number of article: 0 451 103 251
£ 6,08
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£ 7,90

incl. 20% VAT

  • Height [mm]:96
  • Connecting thread:3/4" 16 UNF
  • Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]:1
  • Diameter [mm]:94
  • Diameter 1 [mm]:93
  • Diameter 2 [mm]:72
  • Reverse Lock Opening Pressure [bar]:0,12
  • BOSCHOil Filter
  • Item number0 451 103 251
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 7,90
  • Our price £ 6,08
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: A41/B01
£ 5,17
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£ 6,71

incl. 20% VAT

  • Length [mm]:400
  • Length [in]:16
  • Quantity:1
  • Wiper blade type:Standard
  • Product line:Aerovantage Standard
  • Adapter enclosed:CR5078, CH19, CH31
  • Packing Type:Blister Pack
  • CHAMPIONWiper Blade
  • Item numberA41/B01
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 6,71
  • Our price £ 5,17
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 2138103
£ 32,50
Act now and save 23%!
£ 42,21

incl. 20% VAT

  • Wear Warning Contact:with integrated wear sensor
  • Height [mm]:69,3
  • Width [mm]:109,8
  • Thickness [mm]:18
  • WVA Number:21381
  • Technical Information Number:21381 180 0 5
  • Part number of recommended accessories:82061600
  • Brake System:Brembo
  • Packaging length [cm]:12,5
  • Packaging width [cm]:8,1
  • Packaging height [cm]:8
  • TEXTARBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item number2138103
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 42,21
  • Our price £ 32,50
  • ConditionNew
Brake Disc 61-0W-001 for DODGE VIPER at a discount — buy now!
ASHIKA Brake Disc
Number of article: 61-0W-001
£ 20,56
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£ 26,70

incl. 20% VAT

  • Fitting Position:Rear Axle
  • Diameter [mm]:258
  • Brake Disc Type:Solid
  • Number of Bores:5
  • Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]:57
  • Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:10,3
  • Minimum thickness [mm]:9
  • Height [mm]:65
  • ASHIKABrake Disc
  • Item number61-0W-001
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 26,70
  • Our price £ 20,56
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 0 242 229 544
£ 4,56
£ 6,16

incl. 20% VAT

  • Spanner Size:16
  • Outer thread [mm]:14
  • Thread Length [mm]:19
  • Spark Position [mm]:7
  • Thread Pitch [mm]:1,25
  • Electrode Gap [mm]:0,9
  • Tightening Torque [Nm]:28
  • Number of Poles:1
  • Tightening angle [degrees]:90
  • BOSCHSpark Plug
  • Item number0 242 229 544
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 4,56
  • Our price £ 4,56
  • ConditionNew
Wheel Bearing Kit 991672 for DODGE VIPER at a discount — buy now!
OPTIMAL Wheel Bearing Kit
Number of article: 991672
£ 75,19
Act now and save 23%!
£ 97,65

incl. 20% VAT

  • Fitting Position:Front Axle, Left, Right
  • OPTIMALWheel Bearing Kit
  • Item number991672
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 97,65
  • Our price £ 75,19
  • ConditionNew
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