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Fiat is a major Italian brand under which prestigious and reliable cars are produced that have won worldwide recognition.

Fiat Cars

The history of the Fiat brand began at the XIX century sunset, in 1899. The company’s foundation is obliged to a group of investors, in particular, Giovanni Agnelli, whose name is usually associated with the brand establishment. Since then, the brand has won wide popularity, and some Fiat vehicles have become iconic. Current models not only combine the high quality, advanced technology and excellent design, but also embody the tradition of the company and its corporate spirit.

Since 2011 Fiat Group Corporation was divided into two subsidiaries of Fiat SpA and Fiat Industrial, producing cars and commercial vehicles respectively. In January 2014, consolidating the entire stake in the American company Chrysler Group LLC, Fiat board has created a new single company called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Fiat model range is characterized by a wide variety of cars, which differ according to the type of body: hatchbacks, minivans, sedans, SUVs, station wagons, vans. At the same time the company produces trucks, other agricultural and industrial equipment and automotive parts. Also, the corporation owns companies that manufacture aerospace products. Company Fiat has repeatedly shown the world their competitiveness. Models of this brand many times won the prestigious title of "European Car of the Year."

Top 5 Fiat models
  1. FIAT PUNTO (188) (09.1999 60 HP)
  2. FIAT PANDA (169) (09.2003 60 HP)
  3. FIAT SEICENTO (187) (01.1998 54 HP)
  4. FIAT PUNTO (176) (09.1993 54 HP)
  5. FIAT PUNTO (188) (09.1999 80 HP)
Advantages of Fiat
  • good driving performance;
  • high off-road operation;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • good stability;
  • attractive design;
  • comfortable interior;
  • relatively low fuel consumption;
  • eco-friendly engines;
  • high quality components and trimmings.

Even in the basic configuration modern Fiat models are equipped with dual-zone climate control, electric driven and heated rear-view mirrors, front and rear electric windows, front seats with heating function, on-board computer, «Follow me home» and «My Car» systems.

Top Fiat auto parts

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Top 12 Car spare parts for FIAT

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