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Info on FIAT MULTIPLA model - the right selection of spare parts

Fiat Multipla

This compact minivan was designed by the Italian car maker on the basis of Fiat Brava. Production was conducted in 1998-2010 at the plants of Turin and Milan.

Fiat Multipla I generation

Fiat Multipla, the six-seater ancestor of the modern minivans, appeared in Fiat 600 family in 1956. In the mid-nineties there was a revival of the Multipla project: the Fiat design office received a task to develop the minivan lacking in a model range. The same concept was presented in 1996, and at the Frankfurt car showroom in 1997 the final version of the model was presented.

Fiat Multipla cars received a courageous and original exterior: it was difficult to master more vanguard car at that time. The cabin structure with unusually high side and front glasses towered over the extended flat hoodl. The body of a new minivan was short, but wide and high, so it was possible to apply the unique boarding formula 3+3 (Honda FR-V designers will use it only six years later). The extraordinary design became world-famous in its way: in 1999 the Museum of Modern Art in New York included Fiat Multipla in Different Roads exposition as an example of new tendencies in global motorization.

Fiat Multipla I generation restyling

In 2001 there was a face lifting of model which concerned generally front and rear bumpers only - they were painted in the colour of the car body.

Fiat Multipla II generation

The second generation of Fiat Multipla was presented in 2004 at the motor show in Geneva. Not all the visitors estimated the unusual Fiat Multipla design to its true worth, so the body of the car of new generation began to look more traditionally. The head lights, set at the different parts of the nose, were removed and replaced by the modern rectangular block headlights, the cabin didn’t look like body superstructure any more. As for the interior, original design of the interior of a minivan was not changed.

Fiat Multipla II generation restyling

Restyling of the second generation were presented in 2006 at the Parisian motor show. The car received the new radiator grille in light gray colour, new colour schemes of passenger compartment upholstery materials, new AERO type glass wipers and luxury package - "Emotion" - appeared. It had leather passenger compartment and light-alloy disks of a new design.

Fiat Multipla in the markets of the different countries

In 2008 Fiats Multipla began to be released in China and after the termination of production of these cars in Europe, Chinese company bought the rights to the Zotye M300 model.

Best-selling products for FIAT MULTIPLA vehicles
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Spark Plug IK20TT for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
DENSO Spark Plug
Article number: IK20TT
£ 10,01
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Spanner Size: 16
  • Spark Plug: 1 - Earthed Electrode
  • Thread Size 1: 19
  • Product line: Iridium TT
  • Tightening Torque [Nm]: 22
  • Diameter [mm]: 14
  • Weight [g]: 43
  • DENSOSpark Plug
  • Item numberIK20TT
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 13,90
  • Our price £ 10,01
  • Condition  New
Spark Plug 1496 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
NGK Spark Plug
Article number: 1496
£ 15,69
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Spanner Size: 16
  • Outer thread [mm]: 14,0
  • Spark Plug: Fixed SAE connector, Iridium Middle Electrode
  • Product line: LPG Laser Line
  • Fuel Type: CNG/LPG
  • Recommended replace interval [km]: 60000
  • NGKSpark Plug
  • Item number1496
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 21,79
  • Our price £ 15,69
  • Condition  New
Bulb, spotlight 64210ULT for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight
Article number: 64210ULT
£ 5,14
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Bulb Type: H7
  • Rated Power [W]: 55
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: PX26d
  • Product line: ULTRA LIFE
  • OSRAMBulb, spotlight
  • Item number64210ULT
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 7,14
  • Our price £ 5,14
  • Condition  New
Lambda Sensor DOX-0121 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
DENSO Lambda Sensor
Article number: DOX-0121
£ 37,80
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Thread Size: M18x1.5
  • Cable Length [mm]: 750
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Product line: Universal fit
  • Quality: OE
  • Weight [g]: 95
  • DENSOLambda Sensor
  • Item numberDOX-0121
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 52,50
  • Our price £ 37,80
  • Condition  New
Engine Oil 2328 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
Article number: 2328
£ 46,12

(£ 9,22 for 1 litre)

incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Product line: Leichtlauf
  • Version: High Tech
  • Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 5W-40
  • Content [litre]: 5
  • Oil: Synthetic Oil
  • Specification: ACEA A3, API SN, ACEA B4, API CF
  • Manufacturer Approval: BMW Longlife-01, MB 229.5, Porsche A40, Renault RN0700, Renault RN0710, VW 502 00, VW 505 00
  • Oil - manufacturer recommendation: Chrysler MS-10725, Chrysler MS-10850, Fiat 9.55535-H2, Fiat 9.55535-M2, Fiat 9.55535-N2, Fiat 9.55535-Z2, Opel GM-LL-B-025, PSA B71 2294, PSA B71 2296
  • Packing Type: Canister
  • LIQUI MOLYEngine Oil
  • Item number2328
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 64,06
  • Our price £ 46,12
  • Condition  New
Bulb, spotlight 12972RVS2 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
PHILIPS Bulb, spotlight
Article number: 12972RVS2
£ 23,52
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Bulb Type: H7
  • Rated Power [W]: 55
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: PX26d
  • Quantity: 2
  • Packing Type: Box
  • Product line: RacingVision
  • PHILIPSBulb, spotlight
  • Item number12972RVS2
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 32,67
  • Our price £ 23,52
  • Condition  New
Pressure Converter, exhaust control 7.02256.03.0 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
PIERBURG Pressure Converter, exhaust control
Article number: 7.02256.03.0
£ 68,44
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Valve type: Solenoid Valve
  • Operating Mode: Electric-pneumatic
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Technical Information Number: SI 0100
  • PIERBURGPressure Converter, exhaust control
  • Item number7.02256.03.0
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 95,06
  • Our price £ 68,44
  • Condition  New
Flasher Unit 4DM 003 360-021 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
HELLA Flasher Unit
Article number: 4DM 003 360-021
£ 14,22
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Mounting Type: mounting
  • Operating Mode: Electronic
  • Switching Capacity [W]: 2+1(6)x21W+5 EP
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Rated Voltage [V]: 12
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: for trailer
  • Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with holder
  • Inspection Tag: e1 03 5253, ECE
  • Voltage from [V]: 9
  • Voltage to [V]: 15
  • Temperature range from [°C]: -40
  • Temperature range to [°C]: 85
  • HELLAFlasher Unit
  • Item number4DM 003 360-021
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 19,75
  • Our price £ 14,22
  • Condition  New
Rear view camera, parking assist 632211 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
VALEO Rear view camera, parking assist
Article number: 632211
£ 217,99
incl. 20% VAT, free delivery
  • Screen Display: TFT
  • Fitting Position: Rear
  • Range from [m]: 0,1
  • Range to [m]: 1,7
  • Parking assist activation: with acoustic warn function, with radio muting, Activation optional through switch, Activation through reverse gear
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: with camera, with sensor
  • Parking assist sensor reflection angle: Sensor reflection angle: 0 to 5 degrees
  • Chemical Properties: Paintable
  • DIN / ISO: 17386
  • Mounting time from [in hours]: 3
  • Trailer Hitch: with automatic parking assist deactivation
  • Parameter Programming, PPS (parking assist): with parameter programming PPS
  • for vehicle width to [m]: 2,2
  • Height adjustment to [cm]: 65
  • Height adjustment from [cm]: 40
  • Quantity: 4
  • Rated Voltage [V]: 12
  • Mounting Type: mounting
  • Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles with towbar
  • Sensor Type: Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Colour: Black, Mat
  • Weight [kg]: 1,605
  • VALEORear view camera, parking assist
  • Item number632211
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 302,77
  • Our price £ 217,99
  • Condition  New
Sealing Cap, fuel tank 247601 for FIAT MULTIPLA at a discount — buy now!
VALEO Sealing Cap, fuel tank
Article number: 247601
£ 15,47
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs,
  • Colour: Black
  • Supplementary Article / Info 2: with breather valve
  • Lock System: with key
  • Weight [kg]: 0,21
  • VALEOSealing Cap, fuel tank
  • Item number247601
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 21,48
  • Our price £ 15,47
  • Condition  New
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