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Currently, the US car company Ford Motor Company is one of the largest in the world and the second largest manufacturer in Europe after Volkswagen. Its plants are located in 65 countries, it produces more than 70 models, including under the Lincoln, Aston Martin, Mercury brands.

Ford Cars

The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford at the expense of investors interested in his developments. After analyzing the previous business failure caused by excessive cost of the cars, Ford focused on the idea to release reliable, simple, and most importantly affordable cars.

So in 1908 there was a legendary model Ford T, and the unprecedented implementation in Ford Motor Company factories of assembly conveyor technology further reduced its cost. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this moment: a little less than a century later, in 2000, it was T Ford which was the winner in the competition "Car of the Century".

Ford Motor Company has its own rally team, actively participating in various sports, and is a major supplier of engines to other teams.

As the first automaker to introduce the conveyor, Ford Motor Company first refused it, acknowledging that its factories employees perform tasks that involve independent work with more enthusiasm.

Today the company principles enunciated by Henry Ford, has not changed: Ford cars are still convenient, reliable and affordable to everyone. A model range and variety impresses: hatchbacks and minivans, SUVs and coupes, pickups and crossovers, sedans and vans, station wagons and convertibles.

Top 5 Ford models
  1. FORD MONDEO III Estate (BWY), (11.2000, 146 HP)
  2. FORD FOCUS (DAW, DBW), (10.1998, 100 HP)
  3. FORD MONDEO III Estate (BWY), (10.2001, 130 HP)
  4. FORD FIESTA V (JH_, JD_), (11.2001, 68 HP)
  5. FORD FOCUS Estate (DNW), (02.1999, 100 HP)
Ford Advantages
  • great fuel economy;
  • comfortable and ergonomic interior;
  • a high level of sound insulation;
  • spacious trunk;
  • Stylish and moderate body design;
  • quality assembly;
  • aerodynamic body;
  • the reliability of the car;
  • availability of spare parts.

Top Ford parts

Ford Cars models are widespread, thanks to the harmonious combination of high quality and reliability at a moderate cost. Therefore, buying spare parts for Ford is not too difficult, even in a small city. So why should you choose our online store?

In our extensive catalog you can find absolutely all accessories and auto parts for Ford and obtain full information about their manufacturers, applicability, cost and timing of delivery. Managers of the company accompany each order from the moment of its placement to the delivery of goods to the buyer. Ongoing work on the reduction of costs enables us to offer spare parts at the lowest prices.

Top 12 Car spare parts for FORD

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