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Do not forget about regular maintenance and replacement intervals of car parts for NISSAN 370 Z

Nissan 370Z

Production of Nissan 370Z sport cars started in 2008 and still continues at factory in Tochigi (Japan). Car was designed by Diane Allen and Randy Rodriguez.

Nissan 370Z Z34

Presentation of Nissan 370Z production car in the coupe version happened in Los Angeles in 2008. Car was manufactured on Nissan FM platform. Company presented a roadster variant with a folding fabric roof during New York International Auto Show in 2009.

Engine was mounted in the front. Car had a rear wheel drive. Body was constructed mostly from aluminum alloys, strengthened with high-duty steel elements.

Nissan 370Z cars had excellent aerodynamic characteristics; a drag coefficient was 0.30. This value was lowered to 0.29 in Sport Package configuration.

Wide radiator grille was installed in the front part. Headlights were combined in two arrowhead-shaped blocks. Bumper of Nissan 370Z had a trapezoid-shaped stamping.

There were small spoiler with third stop signal, two arrowhead-shaped taillights and two big round exhaust pipes in rear part. Roadster versions had two safeguard bows behind seats.

Nissan 370Z had antiskid braking system (ABS), electronic braking force distribution system (EBD), cruise control, heated front seats, double-zone climate control, trip computer and three sets of airbags in a basic configuration.

Nissan 370Z Z34 facelifts

Coupe cars got new front bumpers, LED running lights, upgraded suspension, additional body colors and new improved braking system in 2011.

Same modernizations affected roadster version in 2012. Some configurations got 18-and 19-inch alloy wheel rims.

Nissan 370Z Nismo cars underwent some insignificant changes in front and rear body parts design and got improved navigation system.

Nissan 370Z on different markets

Car was known as Nissan Fairlady Z on a domestic market. Nissan 370Z Yellow was produced in 2009 specially for the UK market.

One thousand of Nissan 370Z ┬ź40th Anniversary┬╗ cars were built in 2010 in honor of 40th Nissan Z sport cars production anniversary. Anniversary Nissan 370Z Black Edition was produced for Europe.

Nissan 370Z GT Edition cars were manufactured specially for the UK market in 2011-2012 in honor of 40th anniversary of Nissan GT class racing.

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