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Do not forget about regular maintenance and replacement intervals of car parts for NISSAN LEAF

Nissan Leaf

Production of 5-door hatchback Nissan Leaf electromobile started in 2010 and is still in process. Car manufacturing is set up in Japan, the USA and Great Britain. Nissan Leaf was awarded as European Car of the Year in 2011.

Nissan Leaf I generation

Nissan Leaf was built on a new platform Nissan V. The heaviest car element – battery – is situated above bottom under front seats. It provides a good car stability. Car characteristic features are an acceleration dynamics and a good observability. Driving distance is 175 km.

Car battery can be charged using both special station and domestic socket. Charging cycle is 8 hours under the voltage of 220 V and amperage of 30 A. Battery can get 80% charge for 30 minutes if voltage is twice higher and an amperage is 125 A. Cars are equipped with 2 plug connections for charging; they are situated in a niche under a brand emblem on the front panel.

Car exterior is good-looking and reserved. Large headlights take much space – from a front bumper up to windshield aside hood. Small fog lights are situated in niches of low bumper part which is decorated with a compact radiator grille with a chromed panel.

Car interior is rather unusual. Dashboard is a display showing speed, a battery level, a driving distance and other important data. Interior trim is made with the help of qualitative plastic and practical inexpensive materials. Nissan Leaf peculiar feature is a silent running because it doesn’t have a petrol engine.

Nissan Leaf I generation facelift

Nissan Leaf restyling took place in 2013. Manufacturers changed electronic systems arrangement and increased trunk volume by 40 l. Control buttons on dashboard are situated more comfortably for driver. Heated steering wheel and rear seats also appeared. Driving distance of renewed car is 190 km. Car got another renewal in 2015. Driving distance became 250 km and battery was 21 kg. heavier. Cars were equipped with NissanConnect EV navigation system.

Nissan Leaf II generation

Second Nissan Leaf generation called IDS, was presented in November 2015. Manufacturer installed new battery which provides 450 km. driving. New body form with improved aerodynamic characteristics provides a lower power consumption. Piloted Drive autopilot was also installed in a new car. While it is working main devices and steering wheel are hidden under dashboard until Manual Drive mode is activated.

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