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Opel is a German brand of cars that are manufactured by Adam Opel AG; one of the leading brands in the global car market. Opel cars combine a unique style and excellent German quality, and thus have won the recognition of the international community.

Opel cars

The company history began January 1, 1863. Its founder was Adam Opel. Initially the company specialized in the production of sewing machines. The first cars saw the light at the sunset of the nineteenth century, in 1899. However, their development was not fully the Opel company credit. The vehicles were produced in collaboration first with the Lutzmann brand, and then with the Darracq. The company presented its own creation to the public in 1902. Its first model was equipped with a two-cylinder engine with a built-in water pump and sped up to 45 km/h. Shortly after, cars that belonged to a higher class began to come under the brand. In 1906, when many of today's market leaders had not yet started their business, Opel released the 1,000th car.

Today the range of Opel cars is presented with a variety of body styles: sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, station wagons, crossovers, SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks. Also, the brand produces microbuses.

Top 5 Opel models
  1. OPEL CORSA C (F08, F68), (09.2000, 75 HP)
  2. OPEL ASTRA G Caravan (F35_), (02.1998, 101 HP)
  3. OPEL ZAFIRA A (F75_), (09.2000, 101 HP)
  4. OPEL ASTRA G Hatchback (F48_, F08_), (02.1998, 101 HP)
  5. OPEL ZAFIRA A (F75_), (09.2000, 125 HP)
Advantages of Opel
  • unique style;
  • excellent handling;
  • excellent dynamics;
  • a high level of maneuverability;
  • excellent quality of components and assembly;
  • interior comfort;
  • high level of safety.

In today's Opel cars the latest technology is implemented. In particular, they are equipped with adaptive forward lighting, instant recognition of traffic signs, adaptive all-wheel drive system. These and other tools do not only allow the driver and passengers to feel a high level of comfort, but also improve their safety.

Best Opel auto parts

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Top 12 Car spare parts for OPEL

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