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Do not forget about regular maintenance and replacement intervals of car parts for VOLVO 140

Volvo 140

The manufacture of Volvo 140 cars continued from 1966 to 1974. During that time a single generation of the car was released. Assembly lines were placed in Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Australia and Malaysia. In 1966 the car was titled “The car of the year” in Sweden.

Volvo 140 I generation

The development of the Volvo 140 vehicles began in 1960. Initially, the project was called P660, but was later renamed to P1400. The car had to replace the Volvo Amazon in the line-up of the Swedish company. Volvo’s management put forward the following requirements: the car had to have specific technical characteristics (a wheelbase of 263 cm and a wheel track width of 135 cm), spacious passenger compartment, high safety rates and completely new design. The development of the car was led by Jan Wilsgaard, the chief designer of the Volvo Company. First prototypes were done by 1961 but they needed improvement. In 1964 the company confirmed the final prototype and released a test sample Mazuo ZT92. In fact, it was a Volvo 144 sedan, masked from press under a false name and a modified body.

The official premiere of Volvo 144 sedan took place on the 17th of August, 1966. The new car was presented simultaneously in Helsinki, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Oslo. Volvo 140 vehicles were equipped with disc brakes and a collapsible steering column. Its dual circuit brake system brought a prestigious award to the car – a golden medal from the Swedish Automobile Association for the most important innovation in the area of safety, suitable for any standard car on the Swedish market in 1966. The construction of the body was provided with deformation zones.

The design of the car significantly differed from the earlier models of the Volvo Company. The car received flat sides, straight lines and a large glazing area. The sides of the car were decorated with chrome moldings. All windows also had chrome frames. The Volvo 144 sedan initiated the brand style of Volvo: most of the cars of the Swedish manufacturer had a recognizable angular design up until the beginning of 2000s.

There were no protruding parts and sharp elements in the cabin. Potentially unsafe places were trimmed with soft material. The dashboard was simple and functional. The big comfortable seats were covered with leather.

At first, Volvo 140 was presented in four-door sedan body. In 1967 the two-door Volvo 142 sedan appeared and a year later the Volvo 145 station wagon was released.

Volvo 140 I generation restyling

The technical characteristics and the design of the cars were being constantly improved. In 1971 all Volvo 140 received a different radiator grille with a brand logo and new wheel discs. The design of the car was modernized once again in 1972. Door handles were level with the car's body. The dashboard and central console were renewed. A new steering wheel appeared.

In 1973 the car’s design underwent more significant changes. Head and tail lights, turn indicators and radiator grille were renewed. Manufacturers completely changed the dashboard. New materials appeared in the cabin trim.

Volvo 140 cars were mounted with front seat headrests, emergency lights, heating and washer of the rear window. Front seats heating was proposed as an option.

In 1975 the production of Volvo 140 cars was stopped.

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