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Volvo 66

Volvo 66 passenger cars were being produced by a Swedish company from 1975 to 1980. During that time a single generation of the model was presented. The release of the cars was arranged in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Creation history of Volvo 66

The history of Volvo 66 began in 1972, when the Dutch DAF company released a small car named DAF 66. Design of the Dutch car was developed under the guidance of Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. The car had round headlights, wide wheel arches and chrome moldings on each side. Flattened corners and flowing lines looked very modern at the moment of car’s release. In 1975 Volvo Company bought the part of the shares of the Dutch manufacturer and became the owner of the motorcar production department. Volvo 66 was produced on the basis of DAF 66 with little changes. From its ancestor Volvo 66 was distinguished by the wide bumpers, brand logo and traditionally a high level of safety. The steering-wheel was covered with leather in expensive packages. The vehicles were equipped with the front and back window wipers and headlamp washers. A body line-up included two-door sedans and three-door estate cars. Swedish company management has decided to refuse from the coupe, produced by the DAF vehicle brand.

Volvo 66 cars had a quite roomy cabin and a spacious luggage compartment. The main advantage of those cars was a high level of safety. Vehicle construction was braced by stiffening ribs, seats had head restraints, and a collapsible steering column folding up in case of a frontal collision.

107 000 of the Volvo 66 cars came off the production line in sedan and station wagon bodies. Those cars were not widely accepted in Sweden: many conservative clients didn’t appreciate that car as Volvo product, that’s why in 1980 the production of the model was discontinued. It was replaced by the more modern Volvo 340 model.

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