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Volvo Duett

Volvo Duett cars were released by the Swedish company from 1953 to 1969. During that period a single generation and two restylings were presented. The manufacture carried out in Sweden. Volvo Duett model became the first production car in a wagon body, produced by the company.

Volvo Duett I generation

The release of Volvo Duett cars began in 1953. The model was built on a basis of Volvo PV 444 sedan. The car differed from its predecessor in a body and a suspension type.

Volvo Duett was designed by Swedish engineer Erik Skogh. The car received round headlights, bulgy hood, protruding front wings, chrome radiator grille and split windscreen. Rear-view outside windows were located on the front wings. Rear doors were double-leaf. A spacious cabin, a capacious luggage compartment and roof rails brought Volvo Duett a popularity as a family car.

Volvo Duett cars were available in a van and a three-door wagon bodies. Pickups, ambulances, postal cars and other special vehicles were created on a basis of Volvo PV 445 chassis.

The first-generation cars, with an in-plant index of PV445 were being released until 1958.

Volvo Duett I generation restyling

In 1958, the Volvo Duett vehicles were subjected to restyling. Taillights were reshaped. Turn indicators were located on the edges of the hood. The car received a new honeycomb-shaped radiator grille with the Volvo brand logo was located in the center. Headlight framings, grille, door handles, bumpers and side moldings were chrome-plated. The windows also had a chrome frames.

Second restyling of Volvo Duett cars was held in 1960. Those vehicles received a new index - P210. Volvo Duett had an updated radiator grille, a modified form of the windscreen and a new dashboard. After the restyling the car became to look even more like a Volvo PV544 sedan. In addition to external changes, a list of equipment was expanded. Three-point safety belts were included into the basic package.

In 1969, the production of the Volvo Duett cars was stopped.

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