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Volkswagen is a brand of German cars with a global fame. More than five million vehicles are annually produced under this brand. The marque belongs to the Volkswagen AG.

Volkswagen cars

History of the brand originates in the autumn of 1933: it was then that the German Government put forward the demand to create a reliable, but at the same time, affordable car for the general public. The first Volkswagen prototype blueprints were presented at the beginning of next year by Ferdinand Porsche. The date of Volkswagen automaker foundation is considered May 28, 1937. In 1938, Germany began construction of Volkswagen factories, and a year later the first models came in mass production.

Over the years, the Volkswagen brand has managed to maintain an impeccable reputation. Cars of this brand now fully comply with the requirements set in the 30s of the last century. The cars are associated with unsurpassed levels of reliability and excellent German quality. Combined with the relative accessibility these characteristics determine the global popularity of Volkswagen cars.

In the model range of Volkswagen cars are presented with a variety of body styles: sedans and coupes, hatchbacks and station wagons, minivans and pickup trucks. Also, under the Volkswagen brand commercial vehicles are produced, including trucks, vans and dropside trucks.

Top 5 Volkswagen models
  1. VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Variant (3B6), (11.2000, 130 HP)
  2. VOLKSWAGEN GOLF IV (1J1), (08.1997, 75 HP)
  3. VOLKSWAGEN GOLF IV (1J1), (10.1997, 90 HP)
  4. VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER IV Bus (70XB, 70XC, 7DB, 7DW), (09.1995, 102 HP)
  5. VOLKSWAGEN GOLF IV (1J1), (08.1997, 100 HP)
Advantages of Volkswagen
  • high quality components and assembly;
  • low noise and vibration during travel;
  • ergonomic interior;
  • reasonable price;
  • modern design;
  • high level of safety.

Modern Volkswagen cars are equipped with efficient TSI and TDI engines, robotized gearbox DSG, the emergency braking system and brake energy recuperation. The updated models also have advanced options, designed to enhance security and facilitate the management, in particular the system of Lane Keeping and recognition of driver fatigue, as well as the parking assistant system.

Best auto parts for Volkswagen

Volkswagen cars are the perfect combination of price and quality. For the vehicle to serve a long time, use only high-quality components to repair it. Precisely such products are offered by our online store. To find and buy spare parts for Volkswagen use our smart search engine. If you need qualified assistance, our support team is at your service. Our experts are well qualified in the construction of vehicles of all makes and models and will help to select the required spare part.

Consumables and spare parts for Volkswagen are presented in our shop at a large selection. Another advantage of working with us is reasonable prices for the products. With us repair of your car will not take a lot of time and money!

Top 10 Car spare parts for VW

Number of article: 115 521 1045

incl. 20% VAT

  • MEYLEBrake Disc
  • Item number115 521 1045
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£68,00
  • Our price50,39 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 0385.10

incl. 20% VAT

  • METZGERBrake Pad Set, disc brake
  • Item number0385.10
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£74,69
  • Our price43,13 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: BSP23361

incl. 20% VAT

  • BUGIADSpark Plug
  • Item numberBSP23361
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£12,00
  • Our price8,91 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: COF500286S

incl. 20% VAT

  • CHAMPIONOil Filter
  • Item numberCOF500286S
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£12,00
  • Our price8,85 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 9970302

incl. 20% VAT

  • DIEDERICHSShock Absorber
  • Item number9970302
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£60,00
  • Our price44,75 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 114 999

incl. 20% VAT

  • TOPRANAir Filter
  • Item number114 999
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£25,14
  • Our price12,04 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: BSP21929

incl. 20% VAT

  • BUGIADWiper Blade
  • Item numberBSP21929
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£26,00
  • Our price19,42 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: SKWB-0180039

incl. 20% VAT

  • STARKWheel Bearing Kit
  • Item numberSKWB-0180039
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£83,00
  • Our price61,74 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: 65209

incl. 20% VAT

  • MAPCOFilter, interior air
  • Item number65209
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£25,76
  • Our price12,54 £
  • ConditionNew
Number of article: BSP20843

incl. 20% VAT

  • BUGIADFuel filter
  • Item numberBSP20843
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£51,88
  • Our price11,95 £
  • ConditionNew
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