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Air nippers are used for cutting small parts made of metal or plastic, for example, wires. They can be also useful when mounting hose clamps and clips, crimping cables, removing dents on the car body.

Operating principle

When air nippers are used, the air flows from the compressor to the cylinder causing the head to close the jaws. After the action is complete, the pressure reduces and the jaws open.

Types of air nippers

By intended purpose:

  • Pincers. This category is represented by several kinds of tools. Some of them, for example, are used for attaching parts while mechanical works are being performed. Others are used for mounting clamps.
  • Crimpers. Used for repairing electrical wiring, connecting terminals, in particular.
  • Cutting. Necessary for cutting cables, wires and other small items. Among them, there are tools intended for:
    • Metal. These tools feature one jaw with a cutting blade and the other is used as a counter-holder. This design prevents jaws from crossing and protects them from damage.
    • Plastic. Both jaws are fitted with cutting edges.
  • Clinching. Designed to join sheet metal using a cold stamping method. Used while performing car body works. At the end of the tools, there are extensions of a different diameter which deform the metal when they meet.

Depending on the type of the starting mechanism the device is equipped with:

  • foot pedal;
  • trigger on the pistol grip;
  • lever on the body.

Tips on using air nippers

Air nippers blades should comply with the assigned task and properties of the target material. After you replace the blades, make sure they are properly attached, switching the device on at the lowest speed. In order to replace the die, disconnect the tool from the air compressor.

Before you get down to work, it is necessary to make sure the system and its couplings are air-tight. There must be no obvious damage on the surface of the hoses. Keep them from kinking.

If the lubricating system isn’t fitted with a lubricator, grease is sprayed on the parts of the device. Several drops of the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer are applied through a special hole.

Be extremely careful while doing the works. Avoid having your fingers between the jaws of the tool. Prevent cut particles of the material from getting into your eyes.

It is recommended to store the device in the case, in a dry and clean room. If you put it in long-term storage, lubricate its parts properly with a special agent.

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