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Bearing and bushing drivers are used for mounting and dismounting various car parts: bearings, bushings, seals and others spares that fit their mounting seat tightly. With the help of bearing and bushing drivers, it is possible to prevent components from becoming askew, blocked or damaged as well as to protect its mounting seat from deformation. The shape of the device copies the shape of the part which ensures even distribution of the force all over its circumference.

What are the types of bearing and bushing drivers?

By material:

  • Metal. They are high durable and suitable for removing parts that fit very tightly such as bushings.
  • Plastic. They don’t weigh too much and are corrosion-resistant. Mainly used for pressing out pulleys and gears as well as bearings and seals.

Apart from that, these tools differ in diameter, height, wall thickness. While doing the task, it is always important to consider these characteristics as an improperly chosen driver can cause damage to a new spare.

Tips on using bearing and bushing drivers

Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you use the device. Make sure that the diameter of the tool is the same that the dimensions of the dismantled part.

The mounting seat should be cleaned from dirt and sanded if necessary. For an easy installation, it is allowed to lubricate it with a special agent. However, it is recommended to remove the rust-inhibiting compound from the surface of the spare.

While working you should always be sure that the device clings to the installed or removed component over the whole circumference. Otherwise, it can become askew.

Having done the job, you should clean the tool thoroughly. It is better to store it in a toolbox: thus, you’ll have all the necessary tools always at your hand.

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