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Crimpers are used for repairing automotive wiring. They are intended for joining cables, fitting terminals and tips. Ensure reliable contact between electric components, prevent current leakages and encourage stable functioning of the equipment.

What are the types of crimpers?

By intended purpose:

  • For specific purposes. Designed for a certain job, for crimping only insulated terminals or end sleeves (wire ferrules), for instance.
  • Multifunctional crimpers are often fitted with replacement dies. They enable you to deal with tips, ferrules and terminals of all kinds and diameters. These tools might have slots, protrusions or cutting edges not only on their jaws but on the handles as well.

By design:

  • Crimping pliers. Have a design similar to pliers. They comprise two working elements with slots and protrusions on their sides. When two jaws meet, they press an element from both sides crimping it. Designed for tips and sleeves of a certain diameter. However, replacement dies make them versatile.
  • Ferrule crimping tools. Their design comprises a special mechanism which provides even distribution of pressure against a cable from four or six sides. They have a solid head and can be automatically adjusted to the diameter of a part within a certain range but they aren’t suitable for crimping connecting sleeves where wires are inserted from opposite sides.

By the material of the body:

  • Steel. Characterised by high durability and wear-resistance.
  • Aluminium. Weigh twice as less than steel ones.

These devices can be equipped with additional mechanisms, for example:

  • Ratcheting mechanism. It prevents the reverse movement of the tool until the crimping cycle is finished. Ensure the highest quality of compression.
  • Gear mechanism. Reduces the load on hands. Efficient for performing high volume of work.

Tips on using crimpers

The first thing you must do before you start working is to disconnect the wiring from the power supply. It’s forbidden to crimp electrified cables. You should be very careful, avoid putting your fingers between the dies.

The wire ends need to be evenly cut and stripped to the length of a tip or end sleeve. Make sure the diameters of the connector and cable correspond: this is the only way to ensure a perfect fit and the utmost protection of the contact from the environment.

Most end sleeves feature a colour code. The same markings can sometimes be found on the dies of the tool. While crimping you should always make sure that the colours match.

From time to time it is necessary to check the clamping force. Some models of crimpers allow to adjust it with a special regulator.

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