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Hose clamp pliers are used for installing and dismounting a lot of car parts: CV joint boots, cooling system and fuel system hoses, brake hoses, exhaust pipes. Ensure fast working and the required clamp force.

What are the types of hose clamp pliers

By intended purpose:

  • For band clamps. Require a certain amount of clamp force, therefore, they are often used with a torque wrench.
  • For spring parts. Might have V-shaped or X-shaped slots on the tips. The first ones are more versatile. The second ones are suitable for wire clamps.
  • For ear clamps. Have sharp jaws designed for a secure grip.
  • For stepless ear clamps. These tools have special swivel jaws at the end of their tips that make working in any position comfortable.

By the position of the functional part:

  • Click-R type. The most widely spread. Their work element is on the same axis as the handles.
  • Curved and flexible (cable) hose clamp pliers. The jaws are at an angle to the body. The force applied is first transmitted to a special cable and then to the jaws. These hose clamp pliers are very useful for working in hard-to-reach places.

Operating principle

As a rule, these tools have a similar design to common pliers. When you press against their handles, the jaws meet, compressing the fastener which returns to its initial state or is fixed with a special clip as soon as you stop applying force.

The band clamps feature a different design. The loose end of the fastener being put through a lock goes into a special hole in the tool and then is coiled onto the rotating shaft. As soon as the required level of clamp force is achieved, the part of the band should be cut off by turning a special lever.

Tips on using hose clamp pliers

Before you use the tool, you should read the instructions. It is allowed to use the device only for the intended purpose. It is necessary always to check that the fastener is securely fixed.

If it is necessary to apply a certain amount of torque, you should use special tools that allow to control the force with a torque wrench.

When the work is over, you should clean the equipment. It is desirable to lubricate moving parts of the item to extend its service life and protect it from corrosion.

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