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Wheel bearing pullers are used for dismantling these parts quickly and easily or sometimes for installing them. Allow to do the works as carefully and precisely as possible. Help to prevent the centre bore of the hub from getting damaged and the destruction of the bearing collar.

What are the types of wheel bearing pullers

By drive type:

  • Hydraulic. They are powered by compressing the liquid in the cylinder and are characterised by a high performance and power. Suitable for working with large parts, therefore, they are often used for maintaining commercial vehicles.
  • Mechanical ones have a simpler design. Require a considerable physical effort, therefore, they aren’t very comfortable to use when there is a lot of work or dealing with parts of a large size.

By design:

  • Internal pullers. Suitable for performing work in tight spaces. Considered to be versatile tools. Grip the internal part of the bearing collar.
  • External pullers. Often used for removing bearings pressed on the shaft. Can be used for dismantling parts with rims on the external collar.
  • Bearing splitter. Grasp the external ring. Provide a secure fit. Perfect for parts with thin walls.
  • Universal. Help to dismantle and install parts without removing the hub itself.

By operating principle:

  • With a power bolt. Are very popular as they allow working both with large and small parts.
  • With a slide hammer. Intended for removing parts from blind holes.

Operating principle

Despite the differences in their designs, all tools fitted with a rod have a similar operating principle. The main working part is a threaded rod which makes a compound motion and presses the backstop. The latter is either a shaft with a pressed bearing on it or a tyre iron which placed there beforehand. When the rod presses on the backstop, jaws pull the spare from its seat. In some tools, not jaws but the rod itself grips the part. In mechanical pullers, the rod is turned either by hand or with a nut runner. In hydraulic devices, it is moved by compressed liquid.

Pullers fitted with a slide hammer operate in a different way. The part is removed by hitting the bump stop several times with a hammer placed on the rod.

Tips on using wheel bearing pullers

Before you start, you should study the instructions carefully to assemble the tool properly. It is also necessary to examine and check the equipment. It is not allowed to use a damaged device. When working with hydraulic tools, you have to check the level of the working fluid.

While performing works, it is important to hold the rod of the instrument at a right angle to the backstop. It is forbidden to upgrade the device.

You must observe the safety regulations. If you want to remove a bearing without dismantling the hub, make sure the car is securely fixed. It is better to use a car lift for this purpose.

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