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Car all season tyres

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All-season tyres for passenger cars are suitable for the countries with the temperate climate: cool summers and dry winters. The products are used if the ambient temperature is between -7 and +20 °C.

Advantages of all-season tyres for passenger cars

These tyres save the car owner from the trouble of constantly monitoring the ambient temperature in order to replace tyres. They are suitable for year-round operation. Moreover, you won't have to worry about when to buy and where to store the replacement tyres. The use of such tyres does not deteriorate the speed performance of the vehicle. Another advantage is the fact that these tyres are less noisy, compared to winter tyres. The tread pattern ensures a good grip on slippery and dry surfaces. Water and melting snow drainage is also provided, which reduces the risk of hydroplaning. All-weather tyresare made of a harder material than the winter ones: for better traction, silicon compounds are often added to the composition.

6 tips for choosing and buying

  1. Keep in mind that the tread pattern may be:
    • Symmetric. If it is non-directional, the grip will remain the same even in reverse driving. The directional pattern provides rapid removal of water or snow: these products are suitable for frequent use on wet roads.
    • Asymmetric. This design ensures car’s roadholding ability during maneuvering and high level of acoustic comfort.
  2. If you are going to buy all-season tyres for passenger cars, don't forget about the marking. In particular, the first position in it is the width. If not prohibited by the car maker, wider tyres can be installed instead of the standard ones. This improves the roadholding ability. However, narrower tyres have a positive effect on fuel efficiency.
  3. Decide on the cross-sectional height. A low-profile or a full-profile model may be installed if it is allowed by the technical documentation to the vehicle. Keep in mind that tyres of the former type contribute to better roadholding ability of the vehicle in maneuvering, and the latter - to low noise and vibration level .
  4. If you prefer the sporty driving style and you own a vehicle with a powerful engine, take into account the speed rating. Unlike many winter models, this parameter for all-weather tyres may reach 240 km/h.
  5. Learn about the wet grip index on our website or from the specialists of our online store. For example, if it is A, the braking distance will be the shortest, if F - the longest.
  6. Before buying, make sure that the product isn’t expired. Usually the shelf life is about 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Autodoc.co.uk is a large online store for all-season tyres for passenger cars

Thanks to the intuitive website and convenient mobile app, you will be able to choose suitable products from the catalogue ofall-season tyres for passenger cars in a matter of minutes. We offer reasonable prices and frequently hold promotions, so all the products we offer are inexpensive. Our customer support specialists will be happy to help you make your purchase online and will arrange for its prompt delivery.

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