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We are offering even more benefits to regular customers of AUTODOC!

Place an order and receive bonus £s in your account just one week later!

How do I earn bonuses?
Look out for products marked “BONUS”. You’ll get a bonus for each of these items. Please note that the amount of the bonus might change during the ordering process depending on the country of delivery, if the cost of the item(s) has been changed by the supplier, if the items in your order have been replaced by alternative items, or if you pay for the order using your bonus account balance.
When will I receive my bonus?
The bonus will be credited 7 days after your order is dispatched from our warehouse. You can check your bonus balance in your AUTODOC account on Autodoc.co.uk
How can I use my bonuses?
Collect your bonuses and use them to pay for up to 12% of the total of your next purchase. Bonuses can be used at any time, on any order! To use your bonus balance, click the “apply bonus” button on the check-out page when placing an order, and your order total will be immediately reduced by the amount available in your bonus account balance (to a maximum of 12% of the order total). The current terms & conditions of the bonus programme came into effect on 23/07/2019.
 30 days
How long are bonuses valid for?
Bonuses are valid for 30 days from the date they are credited to your account. If you want to keep your bonus balance, just place another order and the validity period will be extended for another 30 days from the date of the last order. If you return the products that you received a bonus for, then this bonus will be deducted from your bonus balance.
Are there any products that won’t earn me bonuses?
Yes, some products don't carry any bonuses, such as low-priced items and other specific products, as well as high turnover goods for which it is not possible to give bonuses for technical reasons.
How can I use my bonus points if my car doesn't break down frequently?
At AUTODOC, in addition to the spare parts essential for your car, we also stock a wide range of useful products for everyday driving and maintenance. Browse the accessories section and use your bonus balance to buy car care products, interior accessories, and many other useful gadgets for motorists.
What is the size of the bonus awarded based on? Does this affect the prices?
Our customers know that AUTODOC always offers the lowest prices and the best deals on automotive products. And we plan to continue in the same vein! Thanks to our active cooperation with car parts suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to give bonuses without increasing the price of the goods.
 Core exchange
Are there any restrictions on the use of bonuses?
Bonuses can only be used to pay for the goods in your order. Please note that bonuses cannot be applied to the delivery costs, Safe Order fee, or сore charge. Discount coupons are not valid in combination with bonuses for the same order. If you return goods you earned a bonus on, the bonus you received for them will be deducted from your bonus balance.
customers are already using their bonuses!
If you have any questions about the bonus programme, feel free to ask them in the form below: