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Car care and car cleaning products online

Prepare your car for any challenges it might face on road: professional cleaning and detailing products and other car care supplies will help ensure high-quality car maintenance.

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These are the most frequently purchased items among our online shop's wide range of car care products.
  • LIQUI MOLY Universal Cleaner
    Article number: 5168
    £ 22,59
    £ 56,48 for 1 litre
    incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
    • Packing Type: Tin
    • Contents [ml]: 400
    • LIQUI MOLYUniversal Cleaner
    • Item number5168
    • Our price £ 22,59
    • Condition  New
  • LIQUI MOLY Chain Spray
    Article number: 1591
    £ 12,08
    £ 30,20 for 1 litre
    incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
    • Packing Type: Tin
    • Contents [ml]: 400
    • LIQUI MOLYChain Spray
    • Item number1591
    • Our price £ 12,08
    • Condition  New
  • FEBI BILSTEIN High Temperature Lubricant
    Article number: 21909
    £ 8,12
    £ 50,75 for 1 kilogram
    incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
    • Weight [g]: 150
    • Colour: Green
    • Packing Type: Tube
    • Specification: MB 265.1
    • Weight [kg]: 0,16
    • Observe service information
    • FEBI BILSTEINHigh Temperature Lubricant
    • Item number21909
    • Our price £ 8,12
    • Condition  New
  • LIQUI MOLY Engine Oil Additive
    Article number: 2428
    £ 76,48
    £ 15,30 for 1 litre
    incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
    • Vehicle type: Car
    • Type: engine flush
    • Content [litre]: 5
    • Packing Type: Canister
    • LIQUI MOLYEngine Oil Additive
    • Item number2428
    • Our price £ 76,48
    • Condition  New
  • LIQUI MOLY Window cleaner
    Article number: 1529
    £ 11,35
    £ 45,40 for 1 litre
    incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
    • Packing Type: Bottle
    • Contents [ml]: 250
    • LIQUI MOLYWindow cleaner
    • Item number1529
    • Our price £ 11,35
    • Condition  New
  • TRW Grease
    Article number: PFG110
    £ 6,19
    (Price per item)
    £ 247,60 for 1 kilogram
    incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
    • Observe technical data
    • Packing Type: Tube
    • Weight [g]: 25
    • TRWGrease
    • Item numberPFG110
    • Our price £ 6,19
    • Condition  New

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A wide assortment of car care, cleaning and detailing products

Huge variety of car products in AUTODOC's online catalogue! You will find everything you need: automotive fluids and additives, as well as car care, cleaning, washing and detailing products.

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Professional car care products and other high-quality automotive cleaning & detailing items from reliable manufacturers mean your car is protected and ready for any problems it might face on the road.

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Automotive chemicals are agents intended for car maintenance. The area of their application is very large. These products are used both for repairing and taking care of a car. The proper choice helps to extend the service life of a vehicle significantly.

Types of automotive chemicals

By intended purpose:

  • For repairs. This category is represented by sealants, adhesives, rust converters, auto body fillers, car paint primers, paints and lacquers as well as various equipment used to apply these products. They help to restore the integrity of car assemblies, repair body and interior damages. They are also used for parts mounting.
  • For maintenance of assemblies. These include lubricants and additives. They are used to prevent premature wear and tear of various assemblies, for example, bearings, braking mechanisms, constant-velocity joints, friction couples in engines, pumps and other units. They also allow to restore the efficiency of the maintained assemblies.
  • For exterior and interior care. This category includes various cleaners, polishes, stain removers, air fresheners, lotions for leather upholstery, anti-fog products for windows and others. They help to maintain cleanliness in a car and keep its exterior and interior intact without any effort.

Besides, automotive chemicals are distinguished by the area of application. There are products for the body, passenger compartment, car bottom, systems, parts and mechanisms.

These products are also divided according to the type of the surface. There are agents for plastic, glass, leather, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chrome surfaces, paintwork, rubber and vinyl elements.

Features of using automotive chemicals

  1. Before using any products for car care, repair or maintenance, study the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully. The succession of steps can vary greatly even when you’re using the products of one and the same category. For example, some chemicals need mixing or diluting before being applied while others are ready-to-use. They also differ in exposure and drying time. The non-observance of the manufacturer’s recommendations can result in failure of the assembly and its costly repairs.
  2. Pay your attention to the fact that some automotive chemicals are used on a regular basis while others are used as needed. For example, it is advisable to renew anti-corrosive protection of the bottom and wheel arches two or three times a year. It is also recommended to apply special lubricant to boot lid, bonnet and door rubbers every six months. It is also advisable to polish the body twice a year. Cleaners, stain removers, fillers, primers, paints, adhesives and sealants are used as needed.
  3. Always make sure that the product you’re going to apply is compatible with the surface. For example, plastic is solvent-sensitive.
  4. Working with flammables, observe the fire safety regulations. In most cases, it is also recommended to use personal protective equipment: goggles, masks, gloves, respirators.
  5. Keep automotive chemicals out of reach of children. Any product can contain dangerous ingredients. Keep packs with agents out of direct sunlight as their properties can change. The properties of some products change very quickly, therefore, these chemicals are not suitable for storing and using them later: their leftovers should be discarded.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

The efficiency of the products depends on its quality. That’s why it is extremely important to buy automotive chemicals in reliable online shops such as AUTODOC. Our advantages:

  1. Professional online support service. Our experienced specialists will help you to choose a suitable product very quickly considering the make, model, specifications and service conditions of your vehicle.
  2. Extended working hours. If it is necessary to order some products urgently, you won’t waste your time: it is possible to place orders 24 hours and our consultant are available every weekday from 8:00 till 22:00.
  3. Mobile application. Gives you even more freedom. You can make purchases anywhere you like.