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Info on SKODA RAPID model - the right selection of spare parts

Škoda Rapid

Production of Škoda Rapid started in 1935 and continues nowadays. To date, three generations of this model have been presented. Cars of the first two generations were assembled in Czechoslovakia. The third generation of Škoda Rapid is manufactured in Czech Republic, China and Russia.

Škoda Rapid I generation

The first car under the name of Škoda Rapid was released in 1935. The model was constructed on the basis of Škoda Popular 420, from which it differed in a larger size and improved principal specifications. Škoda Rapid cars were aimed at the middle class, therefore the model was available simultaneously with more affordable Škoda Popular 420.

Škoda Rapid of the first generation stood out in reliability and quite good specifications therefore it enjoyed popularity not only in Czech Republic, but also in other countries of Europe, and Asia also. In the range of available bodies there were a sedan, a cabriolet, a coupe and a van.

In 1936 Czechoslovak businessmen Břetislav Jan Procházka and Jindřich Kubias went on a round-the-world trip. The travellers drove for 44 days out of the 98 days the trip lasted. After driving through Europe, Asia and America, they came to their finish line in Prague, after overcoming in total 27 000 kilometers.

In 1938 the design of the cars was updated a little. The car got altered wings, bonnet and radiator grille. In the passenger compartment special drawers and pockets for small things appeared. The dashboard was trimmed with wood. Cars of the first generation were produced till 1947.

Škoda Rapid II generation

The second generation of Škoda Rapid was manufactured in 1984-1990. This model considerably differed from the cars of the first generation. The Škoda Rapid II car was constructed on the basis of Škoda Garde and was a sports car. The design of the sporty coupe was borrowed from Škoda 742 and was developed by a well-known design studio of Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car had an angular body, plastic bumpers, rectangular headlights and a black radiator grille. There were several modifications of these cars.

Škoda Rapid III generatio

In 2012 at the Paris motor show the debut of the third generation of Škoda Rapid took place. The car borrowed its design from the Škoda MissionL concept car, presented at the motor show in Frankfurt in 2011. The nose of the car was decorated by rectangular headlights with an extended bottom corner, chrome radiator grille with vertical bars and a new company logo. In 2013 the model received a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Cars of the third generation had a spacious passenger compartment and a capacious boot. Comfortable boarding was provided to the driver by an adjustable steering column and an ergonomic seat.

Initially the car was released in a five-door liftback body. In 2013 at the Frankfurt motor show the debut of the Škoda Rapid Spaceback station wagon took place.

Škoda Rapid in the markets of the different countries

The third generation of Škoda Rapid has twins — SEAT Toledo, Volkswagen Santana and Volkswagen Jetta cars. Since 2011, a sedan intended for the Indian market has been released under the name of Škoda Rapid. This model is a twin of Volkswagen Polo Sedan and Volkswagen Vento and has little in common with the European model.

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Water Pump & Timing Belt Set KP25649XS-1 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
GATES Water Pump & Timing Belt Set
Article number: KP25649XS-1
£ 143,78
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with water pump
  • Supplementary Info: FleetRunner™ Micro-V® Stretch Fit®
  • Observe technical data
  • GATESWater Pump & Timing Belt Set
  • Item numberKP25649XS-1
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 182,00
  • Our price £ 143,78
  • Condition  New
Bulb, spotlight 64193 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight
Article number: 64193
£ 2,55
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Bulb Type: H4
  • Rated Power [W]: 60/55
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: P43t
  • Product line: ORIGINAL
  • OSRAMBulb, spotlight
  • Item number64193
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 3,23
  • Our price £ 2,55
  • Condition  New
Bulb, spotlight 64212 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight
Article number: 64212
£ 9,24
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Bulb Type: H8
  • Rated Power [W]: 35
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: PGJ19-1
  • Product line: ORIGINAL
  • OSRAMBulb, spotlight
  • Item number64212
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 11,70
  • Our price £ 9,24
  • Condition  New
Water Pump & Timing Belt Set CT1139WP6 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
CONTITECH Water Pump & Timing Belt Set
Article number: CT1139WP6
£ 145,22
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Number of Teeth: 160
  • Width [mm]: 25,0
  • Packaging height [cm]: 24
  • Packaging length [cm]: 28
  • Packaging width [cm]: 17,5
  • Weight [kg]: 2,863
  • CONTITECHWater Pump & Timing Belt Set
  • Item numberCT1139WP6
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 183,82
  • Our price £ 145,22
  • Condition  New
Alternator Regulator F 00M A45 300 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
BOSCH Alternator Regulator
Article number: F 00M A45 300
£ 29,45
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • BOSCHAlternator Regulator
  • Item numberF 00M A45 300
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 37,28
  • Our price £ 29,45
  • Condition  New
Sealing- / Protection Plugs 11.8190-0067.1 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
ATE Sealing- / Protection Plugs
Article number: 11.8190-0067.1
£ 1,07
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Manufacturer Restriction: ATE
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter [mm]: 17
  • Length [mm]: 13,3
  • ATESealing- / Protection Plugs
  • Item number11.8190-0067.1
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 1,36
  • Our price £ 1,07
  • Condition  New
Sensor, intake manifold pressure 0 261 230 081 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
BOSCH Sensor, intake manifold pressure
Article number: 0 261 230 081
£ 23,04
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • BOSCHSensor, intake manifold pressure
  • Item number0 261 230 081
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 29,17
  • Our price £ 23,04
  • Condition  New
Transmission Oil 29934 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
FEBI BILSTEIN Transmission Oil
Article number: 29934
£ 11,01

(£ 11,01 for 1 litre)

incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Content [litre]: 1
  • Colour: Red
  • Quantity: 12
  • Weight [kg]: 0,949
  • Observe service information
  • FEBI BILSTEINTransmission Oil
  • Item number29934
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 13,94
  • Our price £ 11,01
  • Condition  New
Diverter Valve, charger 7.01830.13.0 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
PIERBURG Diverter Valve, charger
Article number: 7.01830.13.0
£ 38,45
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Valve type: Solenoid Valve
  • Operating Mode: Electric
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Technical Information Number: SI 0103
  • PIERBURGDiverter Valve, charger
  • Item number7.01830.13.0
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 48,67
  • Our price £ 38,45
  • Condition  New
Air Intake System 57S-9505 for SKODA RAPID at a discount — buy now!
K&N Filters Air Intake System
Article number: 57S-9505
£ 182,11
incl. 20% VAT, Delivery
  • Specification: 57i Performance Kit
  • K&N FiltersAir Intake System
  • Item number57S-9505
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price£ 230,52
  • Our price £ 182,11
  • Condition  New
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