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Air Filter

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How to change a air filter RENAULT SCÉNIC 2 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to change a Air Filter / Engine Filter / Engine air filter RENAULT SCENIC 2 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC Top brands that produce Air Filter: BOSCH, STARK,...

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Learn more about Air Filter - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Air Filter is a part of the intake system. It is designed to purify the air entering the engine from dust.

Types of Air Filters

By way of filtration:

  • inertial;
  • oil bath;
  • paper;
  • zero resistance.

By design:

  • ring;
  • panel;
  • cylindrical.
Air filter construction

The most common type of air filters is a paper filter. The filter material in it is made of special paper and placed in a separate housing.

Operation of air filters

Filters are scheduled for replacement every 10 000 km of the run. Adverse working conditions can significantly shorten the life of these elements, so it is recommended to check their condition more frequently: after 5 000-8 000 kilometers. Do not neglect it, because dust if gets into the combustion chamber can cause engine malfunction.

Faults of air filters
  • service life limit;
  • clogging;
  • defects of the filter material;
  • damage to the case.
Symptoms of air filter faults
  • loss of engine power;
  • Increased noise during engine operation;
  • hindered engine start or engine wobble;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • a higher percentage of carbon monoxide in the exhaust;
  • black or bluish tinge of exhaust gases.
Causes of air filters malfunctions
  • recommended replacement intervals are ignored;
  • oil or water got into filter;
  • the car rides on dusty roads;
  • the item is incorrectly installed;
  • the filter is mismatched or is of low quality;
  • leaking or clogged nozzles in the intake system or the case ventilation system.

Assessment of the air filter state is easy. You’ll notice damage and pollution as soon as you remove the filter material from the case. Typically, the casing is secured by screws or clips. So it should be removed after loosening the screws.

The part should be checked for dirt every 5 000-8 000 kilometers. If the filter is clogged slightly, you can try to blow him or shake out the dirt.

Pay attention to oily or damp spots on the surface. If there are any, find out if there is oil leakage or if the radiator is defective.

Noticing the significant damage, see about the diagnosis of cylinders and pistons of the engine: if large mechanical particles get into the combustion chamber, it can lead to serious malfunctions.

Replacement of air filters

The filter material is a consumable, so if it fails it is immediately replaced. The replacement process is quick and simple. You need nothing except a screwdriver and a new filter material.

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