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Oil Filter

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How to replace engine oil and oil filter on OPEL ASTRA H TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

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Learn more about Oil Filter - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Oil filter is one of the lubrication system components. Its function is to clean the oil from contaminants.

Types of oil filters

By type of filtering:

  • mechanical;
  • gravity bed;
  • centrifugal;
  • magnetic.

By construction features:

  • cartridge;
  • spin-on.
The construction of the oil filter

The most widespread kind of oil filter is mechanical, wherein the oil is cleaned through a special paper, felt or other materials.

The part is actually a filter element enclosed in a housing with valves - bypass and back. The bypass valve is designed in order to pass oil into the engine without treatment (in case the filter element is clogged, or the consistency of oil has changed under the influence of low temperatures). The function of the back (or, as it is called, anti-drain) valve is to prevent the oil ingress into the crankcase.

Exploitation of oil filters

These components are recommended to be changed on the schedule together with engine oil: every 10-15 thousand kilometers. However, the service life of the filters may be reduced by the frequent cold engine starts and stops, prolonged operation of the engine at idle, low quality fuel use and air dustiness(for example, when driving on earth roads). If these factors are relevant to you, change the filter and the engine oil more frequently.

Malfunctions of oil filters
  • end of service life;
  • clogging of the filter element;
  • damage to the housing;
  • functional failure of the valves.
Symptoms of oil filters failure
  • after the vehicle standing oily spots are noticeable under the engine;
  • the engine constantly overheats;
  • oil is consumed in excessive amount;
  • after the engine start oil pressure indicator on the dashboard lights up too long;
  • filter housing is swelled.
Causes of oil filters failure
  • the filter used is of low quality;
  • poor-quality lubricants are used;
  • filter is incorrectly selected or incorrectly set;
  • the item is not replaced in time, and continues to be operated;
  • type of oil does not comply with the automaker requirements;
  • sealing elements have worn out;
  • the engine is not warmed up properly before high-speed driving.

Assessment of oil filter performance is based on indirect signs of faults (chief among them are the increase in consumption of lubricants and oil pressure indicator reading), as well as on a cursory inspection.

If you notice any serious damage to the filter housing, as a preventive measure it is better to check if the engine and lubrication system are functioning properly.

Replacement of oil filters

Oil filters should be changed regularly. This operation is best left to professionals because the process is quite time consuming. Furthermore, the errors of replacement may result in an engine malfunction.

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